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Which was when Flora-Dora said: "I do remember sumpn, though; it was just after Bart Goldfinch punched me on the tit, it was sore and bruised, and one of my reglars come along an saw me, axed what the contretemps had bin, could see I was in pain, axed if I was okay and said he'd buy me a drink, and pay for my time, and took me to a bar; we passed the warehouse, with all these trucks parked outside – like scree around a mountain – the warehouse was called The Ring of Gold Inc and my punter said he worked there, in the office doin sumpn I can't remember, but the trucks all had the name of another company on them: Doubleday Trucking Corps, yeah that was it, an how I remember it is cos you was jest axin about the two-driver thing an it's it's probably jest referring to them havin two drivers, gettit? double the usual number of drivers, evry day!" but China Blue AKA Ms Crystal Shann-Delleer, DA, was thinking hard – it was more likely the Doubleday who fronted the haulage business was the guy who worked for that Sir Parlane MacFarlane who was bein held by the cops, both of them were, and the Brit Cops had been askin about them, too -MacFarlane and Doubleday! and she realised that Flora was still talking, so tuned back in: "an he sed he'd get me a Calender for next year, a Ring of Gold one, maybe even a Doubleday one too; an he leaned in kinda close an confidential-like and whispers in my ear, 'only if you think you might like them, they're really intended for drivers to distribute at Truck Stops, so they are kinda raunchy – no Advent calendars them!' and I kinda get the drift, he means Porn, but bein an older guy and me bein a hot young chick, an a lady, notwithstanding the intimate nature of his relationship with me, so I sez: 'if you think I'm hard-nosed enough.' an he laughed an said: 'you've probably done all the things in them, so I guess you wouldn't find them offensive,' like I'm broadminded, I spoze; but ya know, China, it's prolly true – I do this cos I enjoy it, not for the money, though I take it and spend it on myself and my kid, but why I choose to do this is cos I love the thrill of it, the danger an the variety of cock and the fact that I get more than if I was stuck married to one guy; I know most hookers have no option, they've got habits or needs an can't think of any better, easier way, to earn a crust, feed their habits, so I'm lucky: when I want some good hard shaggin, or to fill up with a load of cum, I come out an grab it, is that an addiction, too?" and China grinned: "you an me both, sweet-lips, maybe we're nymphos, or just born whores – jeez, this is getting too Orphic for me; you suggested earlier that maybe I'm a Sociologist or Political Economist an asked if I'm a Cop! while the real truth is I love sex, the harder, the rougher, the tougher, the better; but I'm not interested in a relationship with any man, I don't actually like Men much, but their cock and balls own me, I can't get enough of them, I'm a slave to them, and this way I can enslave myself, demean myself, submit to their most brutal desires but I do it for me, not for them, so if that isn't screwed up I don't know what is!" and as they clinked glasses, Flora gazed, almost rapt into China's eyes and said: "Amen to that, Honey Chile, so Drink Up and let's get our Bottoms Up out there where they belong!"

(by MissTeriWoman)


I had my Advent Calendar made up
And printed by a (former) very good friend;
However I was, sadly, sold a pup
For which the consequences had no end.
The photo was a mountainside with scree
Upon its slopes, which wasn't what I'd asked;
But then the contretemps crashed down on me
Wherein he'd failed to do one simple task:
Instead of advent pictures hidden there
For children to discover in their play,
He'd printed Orphic icons in each square
That wouldn't be discovered 'til the day!
(by OldRawgabbit)
The Quandary for today, Monday, December 11, 2017, consists of:
  • contretemps
  • scree
  • orphic
  • Advent calendar
Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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Definitions Of Today's Words:

noun: 1. An unforeseen and unfortunate occurrence. 2. A disagreement or dispute.
  1. (uncountable) Loose stony debris on a slope.
  2. (uncountable, by extension) Similar debris made up of broken building material such as bricks, concrete, etc.
  3. (countable) A slope made up of loose stony debris at the base of a cliff, mountain, etc.
Today is designated by the United Nations General Assembly as International Mountain Day to highlight the importance of sustainable mountain development.

Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day for December 11, 2017 is:

orphic • \OR-fik\  • adjective

1 : (capitalized) of or relating to Orpheus or the rites or doctrines ascribed to him

2 : mystic, oracular

3 : fascinating, entrancing


"’No summer ever came back, and no two summers ever were alike,’ said I, with a degree of Orphic wisdom that astonished myself." — Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Blithedale Romance, 1852

"The market skipped higher last week after some Orphic hints from the Federal Reserve Board that it may lower interest rates this summer." — Alison Grant, The Plain Dealer (Cleveland, Ohio), 26 Mar. 2007

Did you know?

Orpheus was a hero of Greek mythology who was supposed to possess superhuman musical skills. With his legendary lyre, he was said to be able to make even the rocks and trees dance around. In fact, when his wife Eurydice died, he was nearly able to use his lyre to secure her return from the underworld. Later on, according to legend, he was killed at the bidding of Dionysus, and an oracle of Orpheus was established that came to rival the oracle of Apollo at Delphi. Because of the oracle of Orpheus, orphic can mean "oracular." Because of Orpheus’ musical powers, orphic can also mean "entrancing."

a picture, usually of a Christmas scene, with a series of 24 hidden pictures behind it. Children...

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