Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


Senator Corkin's attempt to convoke the Subcommittee on Hunger, Nutrition, and Family Farms was thwarted when his colleague from Montana would not stop perseverating: apparently still mentally stuck in a flyting that had ended hours earlier, he kept shouting insults in verse and could not be induced to speak idiomatically. (by Eli)


Icons, I convoke thee, o invokers of perseverative clicks, to flyte in glorious idiomatic silence together: your harmonious dissonance inaudible to us, mere slaves, who daily gasp at thy wordless power over us. (by Sensil)


She was so frustrated by her inability to compose an idiomatic resolution to today's QQ that Meryl perseverated at her computer--reading email, checking the news, repeatedly returning to the QQ site to see if the words had miraculously changed; finally at the risk of arriving at a meeting of the Committee for the Charismatically Challenged on the topic "Flirting by Flyting", which she herself had convoked, both late and unwashed she wrote a very long and silly sentence wishing all the while that "self-referential" had been one of the day's words. (by Mouse)


We had all assembled at the Convocation of the Society of Undergraduate Debaters, except for Miss Campbell, whose horror of the unregulated sparring common to this sort of occasion confined her to her rooms, where for three hours she perseverated monotonously on the evils of the flyting she knew was occupying the others, each adrift in his own intemperate idiom. (by cusheamus)


Charles Clark-Smith perseverated in convoking his pals, including Rodrigo, even though Rodrigo misinterpreted the idiomatic speech of this mostly British group, causing each gathering to end in fractured flyting. (by QueenQuilter)


He so much wished that everything was said had been more intricate/ So much, so that not every moke had felt so easily compelled to try his flyting / on all those asking him in an idiomatic language to try, yes, even to perseverate, / and even to convoke no matter what, be they high spheres or winds to ease his way towards replying./ (by Margot Jack)


"If you must perseverate / In uttering verse I hate / Enunciate, do not mussitate / Or I'll regurgitate," said poet #42 of The Rhymers to #21 of The Bards at this year's Full-Contact Flyting Festival, eliciting this response before a tackle: "Here it's just idiotic, but at a convocation of poetasters, your verse would sound fully idiomatic." (by Rudi)


I made a terrible mistake in convoking Mr. and Mrs. Smith for reconciliation in the midst of their divorce proceedings: as he perseverated, in his idiomatic way, "You're hard of hearing, dumb as a doornail, but somehow always right, did I mention deaf?", she flyted, "and you, crass as a country-brute, all thumbs and uptight, with both feet left". (by QuaQua)


So shocked was Sir Henry by the idiomatic content of the convocation that he unleashed a flyting of such a vicious and insulting nature that the chairman of the committee was forced into a brief period of institutionalization for the ceaseless perseveration of a bawdy limerick detailing a level of flexibility of which Sir Henry was quiet clearly incapable. (by gumo420)


Prof. Anonymous's attempt to convoke the university's annual Faculty Flyting was hindered when George, teasingly, began to perseverate in untranslatable, but probably foul, Indo-European idiomatic insults: "_*mus-lus! _*mus-lus_! Undying fart! Imperishable afflatus!" ("He must be off his meds again...") (by rhyolight)


When the chairman convokes the Assembly of Acerbic Poets, you will see my triumph, for though my rival’s flyting will doubtless be colorful, idiomatic, and original, he will perseverate as he always does while I shall not repeat myself even once, let alone several times, and thus triumph over his crafty but limited insults. (by The Ridger)


Many prescriptivists perseverate on the evils of idiomatic language shift, which is why it would be fun to convoke a flyting festival with them as the targets. (by stuartnz)


"I say, I say, I say," quoth Sid, / "I grant that I agreed to convoke / this evening's free-verse fulsome flyting / with prospect of a right old barney; / but if the toe-rags on my left / are minded to perseverate / with such slackly incontinent if / (I'll allow) idiomatic tautology / I shall have no option but to revoke / --- to pull the plug and wrap it up." (by Bud Myte)
The Quandary for Tuesday, November 17, 2009 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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