Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


It is a Brobdingnagian task to shill the more temerarious members of the general public videlicet aggressive people who look into every aspect of anything you try to sell them. (by silly girl)


In hopes of shilling his latest failed video, the comedian misguidedly delivered his most temerariously irreverent material to a brobdingnagian crowd, yet there was this one audience member, videlicet, the President of the United States of America, who was very pleased! (by FriendOfQuaQua)


Knowing that the farmers had been indentured for generations, he picked the most temerarious youths in the village, trained them in the Universal Capitalist Arts, videlicet price gouging, predatory lending, bait and switch, etc., and sent them off to the powerful and ruthless money-lenders to shill for his plans for building a Brobdingnagian shopping mall on the villagers' farms. (by aslam)


It's a shocking revelation: athletes across the world are being paid enormous sums to shill for products that they don't really use, and only one journalist is temararious enough to bring you the real story behind this scandal of Brobdingnagian proportion, viz, yours truly. (by Eli)


Tony got rich as a shill for fitness supplements, parading himself as proof of their temerarious claims, and never mentioning that he'd been Brobdingnagian (videlicet freaking huge) before popping soy pills or crunching vitamin biscuits. (by Rudi)


Far away nations thought the government was temerarious in entering the extremists' hideout, but a select few, videlicet the key officials that had been promised brobdingnagian bribes, knew that this operation was merely to shill the otherwise unpopular radicals. (by QuaQua)


When at last she could hide in the kitchen no longer, June forced the more temerarious fibers of her nature to supplant her dismay and she began to greet the foundation's patrons, shilling and imbibing in equal measure, and inevitably arriving before "the Dragon," videlicet, a massive individual of correspondingly Brobdingnagian assets who habitually held court among the earnest mendicants of local nonprofits. (by LSnowe)


Once content to shill for the Brobdingnagian corporations of the world, videlicet FYE, Musicland, Hollywood Video, and the like, I took the temerarious step of refusing employment under the once safe umbrella of corporate retail, which has had myriad ramifications on my life both positive and negative. (by Van Stuard)


Not wishing to be seen as a shill for the pro-prosecution lobby, Fin refused their offer of expenses – he paid for the dinner with Mrs. Sorensen out of his own pocket and secured her trust with quiet condolences, until finally through her tears she told him of the way Linus and Anna looked up to Miss Peterson, how she had loomed in their imaginations, at home and at school, as some Brobdingnagian figure, a giant among them, so that when Miss Peterson made the temerarious – no, the foolish, incredible – oh, incomprehensible! decision to try to take the children home in those conditions - videlicet the blizzard, the biting winds, the heart-stopping cold – they followed her without hesitation, their trusting hands locked in the treacherous grip of the newly appointed fifteen-year-old assistant schoolmistress. (by Sensil)


Great pitchmen, videlicet P.T Barnum, transcend the status of the ordinary shill with a brobdingnagian temerity that ultimately transcends their time and place and sets them alight in the annals of history for all time. (by gumo420)


"Nice original Trojan horse you're peddling there, Honest Bob, and - well, call me a temerarious twerp if you like - but if it's the real McCoy I'll bung you a pony [videlicet: British slang - a sum of £25] for it . . . whoa now, you're not shilling me are you? - 'cos I'm not after any old knackered bob-tail Brobdingnagian nag." (by Bud Myte)
The Quandary for Wednesday, November 25, 2009 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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