Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


The moment after the accident, as I sat there convinced it was my fault, hurting more from the imminent pecuniary penalty than from the small cut on my hand, I heard those vulnerary words, "Sorry, I have daltonism", to which I replied sanctimoniously, "Don't worry, I know better than to complain about the disabled." (by QuaQua)


In decades of sanctimonious preaching against the vice of greed, Father Mann became privately obsessed with money, and he developed a daltonic worldview, in which he did not distinguish pecuniary health from physical health, confusing the importance of green cash with his own red blood, and thinking of money as a vulnerary substance that could cure both physical and spiritual wounds. (by Rudi)


It's dark, it's late, and it's raining buckets, so I put on a quick burst of speed and and have just skipped the lights when old Policeman Plod looms out of the shadows like Harry Lime, giving me such a start that I fall off the bloody bike and graze my knee; but instead of cradling me in his arms and applying vulnerary balm what does the bastard do but he comes over all sanctimonious like, preaching on and on about safety and road discipline, disputing my avowed daltonism, and informing me that I have committed a very serious pecuniary offence - at which point I really lose my rag and smack him one . . . so that didn't help any. (by Bud Myte)


I always thought he was a sanctimonious prick for a thief who talked a lot of BS about my ‘daltonic limitations’ being ‘inconsequential’ to a getaway driver and how busting banks was ‘not a pecuniary event but a vulnerary to the wounds of the underclass making this a revolutionary act’; and I almost bought into that crap except for the fact that when it came down to it he kept the dough and said screw ‘em. (by gumo420)


With an opportunistic eye out for pecuniary gain, Robert dramatically applied vulnerary supplies from his well stocked portable first aid kit to his minor wounds when less sanctimonious comments about where responsibility for the accident lay may have been wiser considering his daltonism meant he was wrongly claiming to have had the green light. (by Ceathair Focail)


The trouble with his daltonism was the effect it had on registering European pecuniary exchanges, so that however vulnerary we were, it was difficult to get past his sanctimonious response to attempts at clarification. (by barrydunnage)


"You are a sanctimonious old fart and have no right to give me a 'D'!" shrieked daltonistic Elissa at her Art History professor, poor Mrs. Lewis, who was now regretting intensely having decided to overlook, for pecuniary gain, the student's red/green color blindness, a decision that wasn't so much hypocritical (the Rothko painting under consideration notwithstanding) as simply sensible, since Mrs. Lewis had five growing children and a disabled husband and desperately needed a little vulnerary income to apply to her hemorrhaging checking account. (by cusheamus)


Despite his typically sanctimonious air, marked by ready references to his Harvard Medical School education (enabled not through his own merits but by his grandfather's lack of pecuniary cares), one might have thought that Lathrop would have judged it rather ineffective to offer his medical bona fides in support of this rather viscous, rancid salve, which,when applied to the eyes as a vulnerary for daltonism, incited merely a reddening of the cornea and a green pallor on the visage of the unfortunate recipient. (by tree)
The Quandary for Thursday, February 04, 2010 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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