Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


They called him a shicker, and a shicker he was, drawn to the cynosure of sumptious delights that seemed to hide at the bottom of every bottle-- like a dark jinni, waiting to beckon him back to a twlight world of bliss-- but at a price.

(by theamazingcheeseburger)


While Daphne, Maude, Trixie and Leigh were deep in their analysis of the documents which had been gathered, relevant to the matter of Sister Evadne Eglantine and Sir Parlane MacFarlane, Roxy and Jinty followed the movements of the two men Jinty had spotted on CCTV recordings from the area around the entrance to Waird's Close near the City Chambers; the older man, recognised by Jinty as Stage Performer Angus Og of the Bog had given his young companion a set of directions and sent him on his way into the warren of alleys and closes leading down on the North side of the Royal Mile, towards Cockburn Street and Waverley Station – he had then turned his steps uphill on The High Street in the direction of the Castle; the younger man's route the two cousins were able to track from the plethora of cameras erected in recent years to monitor the movements of Edinburgh's citizens (or rather, terrorists, subversives, criminals and malcontents – according to the City Council's justification for this encroachment on civil liberties) and on this occasion were grateful for they enabled close tracking of their target; “is he a shicker?” asked Roxy as the man appeared to stagger and use a wall for support, but Jinty thought he was no drank, rather an actor trying to disguise his own movements in case they are picked up on camera; “is he a Jinni?” asked Roxy as the man's form seemed to shimmer and weave through patches of shade and light as he turned into North Stairs – a short section of the thoroughfare, which dropped quickly by way of several flights, but Jinty merely indicated that on this stretch the lighting was erratic and the sudden pools of darkness followed by the patches of cynosure where intensely brilliant light sources drew the eye made for difficulty in distinguishing some objects and movements; she said that the cameras were not really up to coping with such high contrasts; Roxy suddenly grinned and asked where the cameras had come from and Jinty told her that they had originally been installed in the sumptuous and luxurious state apartments in Holyrood Palace – expressly for the security of Her Majesty, but that His Royal Highness the Duke of Rothesay had considered them to be merely for the use of Nosey Parkers and persuaded his mother to have them un-installed; so they went next to Murrayfield for surveillance of supporters outside the Rugby Ground, but a Writer to the Signet who was a keen rugby fan had invoked Civil Liberties Law and they were hastily re-un-installed and they went to the Foreshore at Cramond, but local youths used them for catapult practice, with well-softened chewing gum as the shot; and they had to be taken down again and have the lenses cleaned – which work had been outsourced to the Prison Workshop at Saughton before their erection around the City Chambers and its environs; “well I think the Old Lags have done a good job for their friends on the outside,” commented Roxy, before pointing out that the young man they had been watching, seemed to have completely disappeared from view as he turned one corner at the far left of the screen and then failed to emerge for the next camera, the lens of which was scratched and ingrained with something; “do you have time to come with me and we'll see where he could have gone?” and Jinty, never loathe to leave the confines of her office, was up like a shot and, slipping on her jacket, said that she loved Scott and Bailey and this would be a chance to do some proper detecting on the ground rather than from her usual eyrie high above the rooftops of the Capital.

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Thursday, May 14, 2015 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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