Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


The journey back to Gullane was epic – the Eightsome Reel were divided into four pairs, one Lady and one Caddy to each of the four Tandems brought by Izzy's friend, a rather tough young lady driving a pink truck, who didn't say an awful lot, but smacked Maude on the bum, which gave her a strange shiver up her back-bone and pinched Ullo's, which made her giggle; she had also brought two pretty young chumss, identical twins, who clearly regarded her with awe, called her Boss and packed up all the gear from the picnic – they were to drive the group's two vehicles back to The Jolly Boatman and await the Party; now, the Caddies being altogether younger and fitter than the Ladies, were put in command of steering and timing at the front, the Ladies only had to pedal as required and would have a delightful view of their Caddy; so as with the Golf, Maude had Ello, Daphne got Ullo, Phemie had Cristal and Izzy was happy to be behind Conchita, thoughts of tribology engaging her brain as she saw strong muscles move sturdy bones under smoothe coffee skin; it took no time at all and sooner than some would have liked they all found themselves back in The Jolly Boatman, hot, sweaty, sticky and quite elated; by this time the bar was rather full of Golfing aficionados, here for the Scottish Open, so the party handed back their picnic hampers and collected a few bottles and, taking Phemie's young friend and her chums along with them, repaired like a gaggle of frisky teenagers to Phemie's delightful fisherman's cottage with its fine views of the sea; although Daphne found the sea rather boring or as she put it “see one sea all” and so her back was to the window, so she did not see the red bicycle, ridden by a trim girl dressed in the official uniform of the Scottish Royal Mail hop of her bicycle and lean it against Phemie's wall and approach the front door, which she rapped smartly; indeed the first Daphne knew was when Phemie and the Telegram Girl came into the rather packed living room with a telegram which the girl handed to Daphne, gave a tiny wave to Phemie's tough girl, and waited while Daphne opened it, lest there should be a reply; now Daphne hadn't received a telegram since 1977 when the service was ended, for ir had only resumed this week, and she was all fingers and thumbs as she fumbled with the item, so she foisted it on Maude, saw that it was addressed to both of them care of Phemie, deftly opened it and handed it back to Daphne who, rather self consciously read the message aloud: 'DA + GoLcitPMpatMat + FoLPS>PF + Rem2Dk + wwwww? + F4&2U + TS + End' and to the mystification of all but one of the assembly she said, rather proudly, “they managed it in 7 words, that's jolly good,” and she dictated a reply which the Telegram Girl dutifully noted down on her pad: 'MRAU + HH + Nttl + FrF@OLOL + StGoLArch@Ch + ADM + End” and Daphne handed her the fee for six words plus two £2 coin for herself – the girls eyes twinkled and she saluted Daphne rather smartly, said “see you, Lulu,” to the tough girl's embarrassment, hurried out to her bicycle and raced back to the Sorting Office – it was Phemie, who as Hostess of this gathering of the Eightsome Reel and her assistants in her Cottage who broke the silence when she said, “well bugger me bow over stern, what the Fuck was all THAT flumadiddle about?” (by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Saturday, July 11, 2015 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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