Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


The sidewise motions of the inebriated nabob portended disaster - but fortunately there were enough butlers at the party to remove everything he could have fallen onto (or into) before he could yaw into tohubohu.

(by Elijah Shiffer)


And so it was that,on the very next day after the exchange of telegrams, and to the particular delight of the rather sweet Telegram Girl, who had made it all possible, The Fabulous Four arrived in Gullane, for a long-awaited reunion with their sorely missed Fifth, the one-and-only Maude, and the town hadn't seen anything like it since the time Ramon Navarro and his entourage visited many moons ago – in addition to the Four, who were delighted to see Daphne in the Pink, and to renew their friendship with Phemie and to meet Izzy, and all the Caddies, there were also The Scribes who had been devilling away on their researches on behalf of Daphne and Maude and now needed to let their hair down, and quite unexpectedly, Teri and her new Squeeze, Nikki, roared into town on Teri's motorbike and so did her cousin Rosie with her heartthrob Mhari and locals began to wonder nervously if they were going to be invaded by Hells Angels until the girls took off their helmets and at the sight of their pretty and happy features all hearts melted and they were quickly embraced by both the Town and the Trippers; and to top it all, Jubbly, having won her case against Angus (the cheating brute) appeared, disentangled from Kenny, sent a cutting telegram to her Chiropractor dispensing with his services which were no longer required, accompanied by Carmella and her Nannie, FiFi, who clung like a Klingon Friend to Jubbly and wouldn't let her stray more than a short arm's-length; and The Jolly Boatman was fair jumping when they had all squeezed inside and the Bar Manager (Albert Nobbs) whispered to Daphne that she would like to make an announcement and Daphne called for everyone to Shush and hold their Wheest for Alby , so she stood on a chair while her rather buxom Barmaid, Dusty wrapped her arms around Alby's legs for safety and pleasure combined, and said: “it's a great day for Gullane and particularly The Jolly Boatman to have so many delightful and renowned women under its roof and All At The Same Time,” to which there were loud cheers and applause, “and for this special occasion and to celebrate the recent marriage of those two renowned historians and educators, Daphne Dumbiedykes and Maude Lyttleton, we have managed to track down a historic photograph taken in this very room many years ago – before, in fact, any of us present were born, and it has been framed and affixed to the wall and I will ask Daphne and Maude to unveil it – for it shows three famous patrons of The Jolly Boatman and they are His Celestial Highness The Agha Khuker (Professor Renji Subhutteaux), Professor Sir Lancelot Lyttleton and Professor Sir Donald Dumbiedykes – and none of you needs me to tell you who they were, do you,” and a roar of 'No Way' echoed through the room and as Maude and Daphne pulled the cords and the photograph of their Fathers and their shared Godfather came into view there was further applause and cheering and someone sang out: 'Three Nabobs Sat upon a Wall,' to much cheering and everyone began to talk at once – which, together with the amount of alcohol and Irn Bru being drunk caused a richt tohubohu as they are wont to say in Gullane, while Jubbly whispered to FiFi that the omens were favourable and that would tend to portend some rumpy-pumpy tonight, and Phemie squinted out of the window at the moon and muttered darkly to Izzy that 'tubs'll yaw in the wild waters aboot the bass the nicht,' and in the furthest corner of the room, away from the lights and the singing and the fun and frolics, a dark-haired woman wearing sunglasses, a black beret, and a black leather trench-coat, nursed a glass of mineral water and lime and spoke into her mobile phone, while her eyes constantly moved around the room, identifying and memorising all the happy, flushed and excited faces present.

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Monday, July 27, 2015 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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