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Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


Look Over Later,” explained Sir Pantagruel MacFarlane to Jasmine Juniper-Green, “what else could it mean?” he seemed genuinely puzzled, and Jasmine explained: “well, David Cameron thought it meant Lots Of love, when he texted Rebekah Brookes, but most people use it for Laugh Out Loud, and other acronyms are used for things supposed to be even funnier,” and she saw that Pan was actually blushing, and she realised that he was old enough to be her grandfather, and came from a more chivalrous generation, so quickly turned the conversation to her discoveries in the Journal: “the girl Lolly they met at St Mary of Wedale, what's now Stow, gave them a lot of information about people she met in Bowden, when she was with Ranulph Ochan'toshan – do you know him, sir,” she thought it best to keep this on a professional level, and Sir Pantagruel sighed: “yes, he's a rather slimy toad; he's always managed to wriggle out of things, raising a posse of tame Critics to justify his work as Art, when most people would see it as simply pornographic, or a form of grooming: his subject matter rarely varies – under-age, pre-pubescent girls seemingly filled with adoration for the rich man who has shown an interest in them, despite his looks, or lack of them; I've never been able to understand how these depraved, generally gruesome-looking men can have such a magnetic attraction for young girls – and boys, of course,” and jasmine replied: “it's supposed to be about this 'dark empathy' thing, they show such a lot of interest and fill a void in the child's life, that it must feel like being bathed in a warm glow that sucks the child in and they feel themselves to be the centre of attention, and if, as I've been told, every abusing adult had been an abused child themselves, they will know how it felt for them,” and Pantagruel interjected: “but surely, not every abused child grows up to become an abuser?” and Jasmine quickly said: “not at all, which is what always gives us hope – it's like rescuing youngsters from Cults, every successful rescue is one less potential abuser in the future,” and Pan smiled: “good, then tell me what you've discovered,” and Jasmine told him about Detective Sergeant Larry 'Knickers' Lauderdale, whom she had already confirmed was based at Melrose Police Station; he's got a bit of a reputation as a slyboots, but always avoided getting into serious bother; you know, it's quite incredible to be reading a mediaeval document which actually names people and places which really do exist today; such a corpus as this would knock all those other famous predictions about the future into touch - Nostradamus and Old Moore have nothing on this stuff!” and Pan was taking out his telephone: “I really must get on to DCI Bruse and Sam, this is very serious,” which was when she told him that his ancestor, Sir Parlane, was one of those who had emerged from The Eildons, with both Duncan and Dominic Doubleday and also George Gill, and gone straight to Ochan'toshan's house in Bowden and participated in an orgy in their honour,” and Pan slumped, “with that officious DCC back in post, we have to move very carefully, and Sir Parlane! he's like a malignant semelparous spider, still haunting my family over six hundred years after his death and now – why, it isn't only his past crimes that stain the name MacFarlane, you tell me that he is alive and very active and this feels like my worst nightmare has burst out into the world, real, evil and very, very dangerous!” and Jasmine gave a grin: “according to the Journal, the four from the Cavern arrived at Ochan'toshan's in the afternoon following the Big Bangs, while everyone was welcoming the American soldiers to safety, and the 'orgy' started the same evning and went on for three days, with the local children being ferried in and out on a kind or relay system, while the main particpants remained in the House; Knickers and his wife, or partner, Christiane (birth name: Christie Shirley – which may have been a cause of his, or her, gender dysfunction, but doesn't excuse participation in child sexual exploitation) are both highly visible in village social life, and Lolly says that they have a ready supply of youngsters for Ochan'toshan and his Special Guests; Christiane is also a willing submissive participant, while Lauderdale is a full member of The Golden Ring and does his own share of abuse; but my point is: they are still there and could be arrested before Knickers is able to tip them the Wink!

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Friday, June 10, 2016 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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