Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


So, when Palestrina and Gertie tumbled out of the taxi with Gerhard, amid much hilarity and rollicking, they all clung to each other to remain on their feet, as the world spun around them and Gerhard searched for his keys; but once he had them he was just able to open the door and they all piled in and he led the way, up a wide flight of stairs, unsteadily and with several backward steps – which had the girls squealing behind him, pushing him forward so that he wouldn't topple over and take them all down to the bottom, then, at last, they were in his apartment; both girls gazed around in wonder: the man was a shambles, sprawled on a sofa and grinning inanely at them, but the furniture and walls were a baroque fantasy – gold and gilt chairs and sofas, upholstered in rich brocades, stood on a magnificent Persian carpet; the paintings on the walls looked like a random collection of splendours from the last five centuries of European art. and there were just small gaps between the frames which showed the Chinese wall fabric; "it's like a mad collector's art gallery," said an awe-struck Gertie, holding tight to Palestrina for balance; "yes," said Pal, in a whisper, despite the fact that Gerhard was now snoring loudly, "but these have all been stolen or bought for a pittance from Jewish collectors desperate to leave Germany, it's plunder, Gertie, and it will take fifty years and more for the rightful owners to have them restored – you and I know that the madness gripping Germany will prove evanescent, the Thousand Year Reich will last a little over ten, but will destroy millions of lives in the most brutal manner imaginable, and even unimaginable; compared to that, the systematic theft of artworks may seem trivial, but it is highly symbolic – if you rob people of their culture, their art, their civilisation, their identity, even before you take their lives, you strike at the very core of what being a human means," and from her beaded dress handbag, Palestrina took the smallest camera Gertie had ever seen and began taking photographs of the paintings, sculptures, furnishings and rugs, and when she had finished with this room, she helped Gertie to manoeuvre Gerhard through to what they guessed was his bedroom – there were three altogether, but this was the only one where the bed was made up – and undress him; he had not woken while they were walking him through and now he lay on his back, spreadeagled and snoring just as loudly: "we'd better put him in the recovery position before we go," said Pal, "but before we do that we'd better leave him a parking ticket!" and Gertie looked quizzically at her friend, who explained: "we want him to think he had a great time, so take hold of his dick and bring it to full erection, if he hasn't had too much alcohol to prevent it, then wank him and direct his cum onto these," handing Gertie a pair of knickers from her handbag, and leave them in his hand, see, they are embroidered with my initials and I'm going to drop a letter addressed to me at the Hotel, just under the bed, with a corner poking out, so he'll find it; the poor sap will have no recollection but will happily believe the evidence of his senses and that will paint a suitably carnal scene in his mind that we will probably hear from him sometime tomorrow, or," she glanced at a gold carriage-clock on the mantle-piece, "later today, so hurry, hurry, dearest," and hurry, hurry, Gertie did, managing at first nervously – for she had never before handled a Male Member in her life. and was rather taken aback at the size it reached after a few hesitant tugs – then with greater confidence and determined grip, until the first bead of pre-cum appeared at the tip and Palestrina deftly held the silk panties around the head in time for the generous gush of cum squirted into them; she stuffed them into Gerhard's large right hand and, once he was safely in the recovery position and she had sprayed some musky perfume onto the pillows and sheet, they quietly tiptoed out of the room, through the apartment, and down stairs where they emerged into the rain-swept night and luckily caught a passing cab to take them back to their hotel; in their excitement, neither of them noticed the glow of a cigarette in a darkened doorway opposite, or heard the muttered: "very interestink, but also verrrry strange," as the watcher checked his wristwatch and scribbled the time of their departure in his notebook!"

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Friday, October 21, 2016 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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