Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


Soliloquizing as he moved through the crepuscular light, feeling like the Head of a Dynasty advancing to war, with garlicky breath from his last square meal, animated with a revolutionary zeal, running on singing rails forged from Scottish Steel, the train from Milngavie bore him down on Queen Street Station and Bernie Cohen, wrapped up against the winter chill, ran over in his heads the list of things he Needed to Know from Snooker Tam, who he would shortly be meeting outside The Willow Tearooms in Sauchiehall Street; then he must get Tam to introduce him to Mrs MacDonald herself, so that he could interview her about her belief, as expressed to Inspector Ferguson, that there were two Hamish MacDonalds - before and after - and how, while they appeared to be identical in almost every regard, other than the After being unable to cut and sew fabric, which had been Before's life's work, she had been able to give intimate details about the man which. from Ferguson's correspondence with a British Military Doctor in Nuremberg, who had personally examined the living Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering, matched the Nazi's particulars precisely; and with a feeling of anticipation, Cohen saw the small boy outside the Tearooms and together they went up the stairs to the most sumptuous feast Snooker tam had ever seen in his short life! and then the boy spoke as he munched and munched: "ah dinnae ken whit time it wis cos av no goatta watch neeva hus Boabbie but we git up weel richtly ah tummeltaff ra bed an Boabbie tummeltoantap o me an giedmeadunt wi is elba anagoatablackeen ana giedimashinertae an we heerd this locommotion inraloaby ana pried open radoor an therr wis this big fat geezer staunin in front o the press door wi his haunoanrahaunel like eed jist cam oot burrits jist a press anen maMammyanDa anawra ithers aw pooredoot anwewisaw inraloaby anDa grabs ra fat geezer an marchisim ootrahoose an doonrasterrs anmean Boabbie folleredem anDa pitchis The Intruder bloke intaeraroad ancam back antelt mean Boabbie tae rin upra sterrs an wenne cam in we aw wis tokkin boot hoo he goat in The Intruder anDa hudda look in the press butty coodny find oany false wa's annat so we goat sen tae oor scratchers till ramornin wen we goat up ferschill anmean Boabbie hud Miss McCracken an wen we goat hame Da sedde'd seed The Intruder wokkin up Hope Street anah minded rapicter ah'd seen in ma chip paper an telt Da it wis him an ah goat it fae unnerrabed anDa spread it oot oanra table an looked an looked an agreed itwis annexday maDa anmaMammy wentaesee Spectre Ferguson atraPeelers an teltim awthing that hud happened an Spectre Ferguson sede'd findim butit wis a few weeks later wen Da took mean Boabbie taesee Ra Bhoys at Firhill that ah spoated The Intruder atra Thistleside antelt Boabbie anDa anthey agreed anwe wentower an then follered The Intruder tae Ra Clansman an backtae is hoose an then maDa telt Spectre Ferguson buttah dinnae ken whit happened till mean Boabbie wis peepinintae ra hoose when ah sneezed an Mrs MacDonald opened ra front door an draggedme intaerakitchen an saw Boabbie starin inra windae an brocht him in tae an she asked us millions o questions then shut us in hur coalcellar an went awa an cam back wi a reedhaired Cloon hoo scared us an we baith shit wirsels so Mrs Jessie she teltus tae callerthat an this cloon wis her pal Sadie an they bathed us an washed wirclaes anaskedus tae tellaw anwedid anthey gied us a FIVEPUNDNOTE ah'd never seen yin afore an they pit us oan a tram back tae Gorbals then she went tae see Spectre Ferguson hersel huran Sadie an next we saw the Polis gaun tae rahoose an cum oot draggin The Intruder hauncuffed tae a Black Maria an takkim awa an that's aw a ken aboot The Intruder AKA Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering Honest Injun itsra total Trooth mister!"

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Sunday, November 27, 2016 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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