Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


"I'm not sure I can get my head around all of this," said Sam, finding the improbability of it all quite difficult for the different parts of his brain to process; "you don't really have to understand," said Little Levy, "all you need to understand is that it is all quite real, you can communicate with Tavish via the Moth Hole and he can reply in the same way," and Sam grunted: "can I speak into the bear, into Karla, and would he hear my voice?" but Levy shook his head: "not yet, you must understand that this 'Time Travelling' is an error, The Creator never intended people to be able to move between Times, it actually isn't part of the Universe, it's a kind or error-code, so no, you can't speak to him directly, but I have an idea I would like to try, if you would help me with it," Sam nodded. and Levy continued: "I would like to insert a piece of string into the Moth Hole, so that Tavish can draw it out at his end, and we then connect the two ends to an amplifier, we can use a tin can," and Sam's face brightened, "and I suggest that Tavish perhaps uses a drinking horn, or something like that, which he can bore a hole through," Sam asked: "how long is a piece of string?" but Levy waved the question away: "the distance between the portals is irrelevant, it only exists in Theory – our fingers touched, so it's almost non-existent," Sam asked: "does it matter where the bear, Karla, is, is this room or house part of the Moth Hole?" and Little Levy laughed at the idea: "of course not, that would be silly, no the link is between Karla and Tavish's cloak, or whatever it is he's wearing." Sam nodded. thinking fast, "and you touched his finger?" Levy replied: "very briefly, yes, but don't go getting the idea that you can stretch the Hole and pull him through, that would definitely not work!" Sam nodded, already doubting that even Little Levy's idea of an adaptation of one of the toys of his own childhood would probably fail but . . . . . what if it worked? "I suppose," he asked, thinking as he spoke, "that the Moth Hole or Worm Hole, has a structure of its own, a kind of endosteum, some kind of membrane that separates the interior 'hole' from the exterior Space/Time continuum, is that it?" Levy clapped his hands, "just so, it is a tube of perhaps anything from a millimetre to a million light years in length, but in this case, we can safely say that the distance may be only 650 years, if you are standing at almost the same spot as Tavish, so that the Space part of the continuum is negligible, and it is only the Time element which has any distance," and Sam's forehead creased, "so if Spirits never die, are what we call 'ghosts' merely glimpses through time of people who lived before us," Levy nodded, "and after us," and Sam suddenly grinned, as if suddenly understanding everything, "but if I am a Spirit, like you, why don't I remember everything?" and Little Levy pouted: "the reason, why I remember everything, must be because The Creator wants me to, for I have never in all my existences come across another Spirit with the same gift, it seems that every memory is wiped clean after the body dies and the Spirit returns to The Creator – which, of course makes it a lot easier for that Spirit to be born anew, without all of the 'baggage' which I carry, although I have heard of regression, in which patients can be hypnotised and remember past lives, so maybe traces remain which it is possible to retrieve," the door opened and Jasmine looked in – I have sedated Rilla, she was very distressed and confused – I think it was a mistake to let her hear you speaking to us," she said to Little Levy, who burst into tears; Jasmine picked him up and rocked him in her arms, while talking in a soothing voice; Sam stood up, holding Karla in his hand: "I will tell her a parable, while she sleeps, it way help her to make sense of this afternoon," he said, "you should probably change Little Levy and put him in his cot, is that ok?" and Jasmine nodded, then took the baby to his nursery; when he sat beside Rilla, who seemed to be sleeping soundly but was in fact tranquillized by the drug administered by her cousin and receptive to what Sam would say, he told her of the visit this afternoon and how he, Sam, wanted to demonstrate some of his skills as a Children's Entertainer, and had held Levy's attention by making Karla disappear and re-appear, and then did some ventriloquism, using Karla as a doll and giving her a squeaky voice, and then making it seem as if Levy himself was speaking; while Sam spoke, the afternoon faded into the crepuscular light of early evening, and he began to feel a need for a glass of plonk, so brought the story to a conclusion by saying that after Rilla had fallen asleep, Jasmine put Levy to bed and it was probably time for Rilla to begin to waken in time for tea; after a few minutes, Rilla turned and saw Sam sitting near her: "oh, gosh, did I drop off?" she asked, sitting up and rubbing her eyes, "yes," replied Sam, "I guess I need to stick with the day job, your little chap wasn't impressed and started crying, luckily Jasmine is better at dealing with that than I am, so she changed him and put him down for a nap, I hope that is alright?" at which Rilla stood up: "absolutely, Uncle Sam. he still needs an afternoon nap or he can get rather crotchety, I'd better go and see to him," and after a little, Jasmine returned: "she seems quite contented now," she said, "and the wee laddie said we can take Karla, maybe say we're going to get his stitching sorted, but he'd like to know how we get on," and Sam smiled: "we'll get him a duplicate and when we bring it, we'll let him know if we've managed to talk directly to Tavish!"

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Thursday, December 22, 2016 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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