Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


And Duck Trumpet-Trousers looked over the heads of the Liars and Cheats and Fabricators of False News, who wanted to put the kibosh on his Great Achievements even before he'd barely begun, who filled the room with their rancid breath, and he looked straight into the TV Cameras at the back and, by the miracle of modern communications, into the homes of three-quarters of the world's population and he made direct eye-contact with everyone watching him, and he was watching them and addressing each one personally as if they were fictive kin, and if they were Citizens of the USofA, as if they were all kissing cousins; he had registered the headline from 'Ancient Origins' on his Smartphone and now he spoke it: "so, Did You Known That Baboons Were Trained in Ancient Egypt to Catch Criminals? yes, Baboons, in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Egypt, get that – that's where Pyramids come from, that's a long, long, time ago, and they were able to do that, Train Baboons, yes, to Catch Criminals, Criminals, and that freed up their Police to do more important things, more valuable things than chasing around the country, Catching Criminals; You Have To Delegate; and that's just what we're gonna do, we're gonna Delegate; and you heard that from Me, Right Here, Right Now, before the Democrats get a chance to twist my words, before the Media get a chance to twist my words, to say I lack Statecraft, as if it's something you learn in the Boy Scouts of America or 4-H along with Whittling or Tying Knots, but You, You the People, People of America, Citizens of The World, you hear them First, My Words, spoken straight and directly to each and every one of you, without being corrupted by our corrupt Media with all it's vested, Un-American Interests and you know they're True, yes, they are True; we have set up a Task Force to train Horses all over the Country, all over the Country, in every State in the Union, every State, in the skills and techniques that they - the Horses - will use to Track and Catch those Criminals, they already do all that with a Posse on their backs, it's in their Blood, it's in their Genes, it's been passed down from each Generation to the next, but by Training them and Enskilling Them so that They, the Horses, can catch those Criminals themselves, we can have our Sheriffs and Deputies, and Marshals and Posses, and Uniformed and Plain Clothes Police All Over The Country, yes, All Over, getting on with and focussed on their Most Important Tasks, the ones they are First and Most Importantly Tasked with: their Sacred Duty - To Serve and Protect; To Serve and Protect; we're gonna get them back to basics, get them to do what they should be doing, what they're best at doing, and we're gonna show the World, the Whole Wide World, that what Ancient Egyptian Baboons could do, American Horses can do Quicker, Faster, and even Better than Baboons; and there's a Movie, a Documentary, about a Talking Horse, you've all seen it, 'Mr Ed' was the Horse's Name; well this is an aspect of Horses that has been neglected, and forgotten, and allowed to disappear, and you all know that it's True - what happens if you don't make use of your God-Given Talents, Use them or Lose them and Horses have been allowed to lose their natural ability to Talk: but we're gonna bring it back, gonna encourage and train and support Horses to regain their Power of Speech, so that they can Read The Criminals Their Rights when they Arrest Them and bring them back to face their punishment like Men; and Women too! – and quite rightly we are gonna put the onus for financing this where it should be, on those Criminals themselves, they will pay for whatever it costs to train and equip our Horses for the job they are gonna do. and those Criminals are gonna pay through the nose!"

(by MissTeriWoman)


Phyllis, having taken on the onus of extended family statecraft, made no bones about putting the kibosh on having fictive kin at the reunion: “You may well call her ‘Aunty Mabel’ but where is the bloodline?” (by umbraticus)
The Quandary for Monday, February 20, 2017 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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