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And watching the Press Conference on a monitor, while he fondled a young Filipina Chamber-Maid, was Duck's Great-Great-Great-Great , , , , , , , , , , , , Granddaddy, Sir Parlane MacFarlane, newly appointed by Executive Order 69 as United States of America Ambassador to Scotland, cried out "oh, that is copacetic," clapping his hands in glee and as he heard the POTUS extol his virtues, he couldn't keep from laughing out loud, and the Maid looked at him with her huge brown eyes and asked, "what funny, Sir?" and he just couldn't help it, he loved her submissiveness, her deference, her unabashed innocence, and he determined to find out where Filipinas came from, go there himself and get better acquainted with this race of lovely girls who only wanted to give him and his organ, hard as any massaranduba dildo but alive and well-resourced as any Fireman's Hose, pleasure, quite unlike the three American girls he had been with over the weekend, who seemed to expect, nay – demanded – that he give them pleasure first! "whit dae they think they are?" he asked his valet and recently discovered through DNA testing to be his half-brother on the distaff side, Dominic Doubleday, later that evening as they rested before they sallied forth, as was their wont, into the night-life of Washington, looking for something a tad more exciting than the shallow victories their White House conquests had been: they admitted to themselves that the girls they seduced had surely all been employed for that purpose, none showed any genuine modesty, only attempted but half-heartedly to deny them, never genuinely refused them, or put up any resistance worthy of the name, never mind a decent struggle or fight which would have added to the greater worth to the triumph; the girls had been too easy by far, but it was the quite unexpected experience of the three Americans, one after the other, completely willing to receive him, but who each then complained that he had not waited for their orgasms before finishing his and unmounting them, and he was flabbergasted by this: "wha dae they think they are, Dominic? they are wimmin, jist wimmin, wha planted the idea in their heids that they hae orgasms, an that their orgasms tak priority ower Mine?" he excoriated the hussies, "it's the strangest an maist unnatural thing ah've ever heered in ma life, wimmin sayin that they've got Rights! huv ye ever cam across it afore we cam here?" and Dominic shook his head in wonder and amazement at the wimmin of this Brave New World, which he had not yet got his head around, it was so strange, so utterly, absolutely strange, quite unlike any place he had ever been before, not a long list he conceded and he Loved it! especially the SEX! only one phrase summed it up for him: "Pure Dead Brilliant!" for that was exactly what it was, except in one regard, none of the Maids in the Household was under 16 and he so craved the enjoyment of fresher flesh, but one of the Mexican Gardeners had told him that he had heard of places in the City where "exotic tastes," as he tactfully put it, could be satisfied, and a quiet word with one of the janitors had given him an address and he had shown it to his Master, and that was to be their first port of call tonight; and then Sir Parlane said, musing half to himself, "if ah gaun back tae Scotland as Ambassador, wi fu Diplomatic Protection, mebbe ye should stey here, an set up a new Branch o The Ring of Goldthere must be plenty o rich and powerful men here wha wud be perfect Members, share oor tastes an interests, an wi yer connection tae the Duck, ye wid be able tae offer them access, hoo wud ye feel aboot thon, Dominic," and he could see at once that his Manservant was hooked by the idea, and thoughts about the kudos and cash which such an international brotherhood could bring him aroused him and he jumped to his feet: "come oan, Mon, it's time fer pleesure an this Mrs McOgle wha runs the place must be a countrywummin o oors an we shall see whit young lassies she has fer us tae swive," and so, accompanied by a Secret Service Agent assigned to them the two Scots went a-hunting!

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Tuesday, February 21, 2017 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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