Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


Later that same day, when Sturmbannführer Count Baldur von Machfleine and his adjutant Dietrich Doopeltag – chewing on a radish - strolled out of the SS Barracks as the last rays of sun sank behind the hills to the west of the city; the Count felt he had made a good impression on both Himmler and Goebbels and was rather pleased with himself – he had been trying for some time to elevate his position within the organisation and now that it seemed more possible, it was time to celebrate – he was in the mood for fun; "let us see what prey comes out at night here," he said, his nostrils twitching at the scent of prey; and idly stravaging in this district unfamiliar to them, they turned a bend and saw in the distance ahead, a large pink pantechnicon parked at the side of the road: "rather an unusual colour for a mere removal van," he said, accelerating slightly, and drawing ahead of Dietrich, and that was when he caught sight of two delightful figures moving away from the van: "madchen! we have come at the right time!" and he called out to the pair to stop a moment and wait, as he and Dietrich approached, his heels beating out a tattoo which would have been instantly recognizable to the denizens of other districts of the city, as familiar as 'In the Hall of the Mountain King' whistled by Peter Lorre playing the moon-faced child killer in Fritz Lang's M, one of Machfleine's favourite films, despite the denouncements and departures of both Director and Star; he sized them up quickly: a pair of huren just starting on their evening's work, excellent, they would make for an enjoyable first course and whet his appetites for the night ahead: "eine kleine nacht mein Schönheiten, do you dally here often?" and they responded that, no, au contraire, this was the first time they had been to this part of the city, and sought a little Umleitung (or Diversion, in case the gentlemen were not German) and Baldur pulled himself up to his full height and indicated the black uniform he wore: "but we are SS Officers, therefore also Gentlemen, surely you recognise our status?" he was astonished by their remark, indeed, he was stung, for normally street-walkers were impressed that such an elevated person should deign to converse with them; "ah," replied one, my apologies, Sir, this streetlighting is poor and from a distance we did not realise, for we are visitors to your land, from Schottland, just arrived this very day having passed through the Low Countries and France, never having been here before, but my, how handsome you are, so military, so distinguished, but tell me, is it forbidden for us to walk in this neighbourhood, have you come to send us packing?" and the bold Baldur approached, caught and raised her hand and kissed it softly, while inhaling her sweet aroma: "no, no, never, no, no never, no more, would I send you away, but perhaps my friend and I could accompany you on your perambulation, it would ensure your safety, for one never can tell what beasts may lurk in the shadows of these woodlands," and the girl, for she was surely a girl, rather than a full-grown woman, murmured her assent and, linking arms, the two couples wandered further along the winding road and conversed quietly: "what has brought you to Berlin," enquired the nobleman, and his companion replied: "we have heard your country and Fuhrer much praised by our friends in Sir Oswald.s similar movement at home, and wished to see for ourselves the kind of men who can stimulate such fervour and rise to serve at a time of desperate need," and she did not have to spell it out to Baldur, for his imagination had quickly translated that statement and the double entendres it contained, as an invitation to do what he enjoyed most, but for civility's sake he enquired: "have you met Sir Oswald?" and she nodded: "oh yes, my friend and I have often dined with him and discussed the parlous situation at home and been filled with admiration for your progress here," and he smiled at the prospect of a conjunction of mind and body, not that he, in all honesty - he who was never openly honest, but only ever said what served his purpose - gave a damn for Hitler and the rest; he had been a Brownshirt in the SA when he thought that Rohm would be the one to rise to the full heights of power in the Party and the Nation and had only been pushing Hitler ahead as one pushed one's lackey into the firing-line before making the jump one's-self. indeed it was only a last-minute tip-off from a close associate in the Fuhrer's bodyguard that saved him on that infamous (or famous, depending on your point-of-view) Night of the Long Knives when Rohm and the SA were butchered in their beds; he had himself barely escaped out of a bedroom window as the jackboots were clumping up the stairs and Dietrich was at the bottom to catch him and hurry him to a waiting car, engine left running, which sped them back to their secret apartment in the city. but now, he batted the memory aside and concentrated on his new friend's words; most women in his experience benefitted from a gag and he always had one in his breeches pocket, for he could not abide the constant drone of their voices or the mindless prattle which issued from their mouths - of course, he gagged their mouths with something else first, because that was his preferred initiation into an evening's debauch, as his old Papa always said, "Erste Sachen den Mund, dann kommt der Rest einfach," and that was a Maxim he had taken to heart and lived by, Mein Gott, it even worked in a non-sexual situation, 'first stuff their mouths', then the rest comes easy', was the way he had ingratiated himself with senior officers and the luminaries of the Party: wine them, dine them. and they will swallow the flattery and give back what you want from them, so easy, so stupid these folk, almost a crime to manipulate them so!

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Friday, March 10, 2017 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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