Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


And as Baldur and Dietrich, arms linked with the two Scottisch girls, strolled further into the woods, he realised that this girl on his arm was asking him a question, and switched his mind back to her: "do you think that there would be any chance for me and my friends to put on a show for some of the Party Leaders? we came here hoping that we could entertain them and show solidarity, demonstrate that a lot of people in Britain support the New Germany; there are a lot of lies and Fake News stories told in the newspapers over there and we want to do our bit to challenge them, show how much good you have done for Germany and how the same things could be done in Britain if only the newspapers stopped lying to the readers! although a lot of people don't believe the lies it's difficult to get over the true message of National Socialism, so much of the Press and the Entertainment Industries are run by Jews and predict that you are the Apple of Sodom," she didn't sense the slight quiver which ran through him at that last word, "and we may only be a group of girls, it's easy to patronise us and then ignore us, but we have important contacts in the Government and among business people and the aristocracy, the kind of people most ordinary folk look up to, I'm telling you, we are the Silent Majority, but we need help to get our message across," and while he considered her impassioned speech to be a lot of rubbish, for he knew that the stories being published in the other European countries about the Party and the Concentration Camps and deportations were of course true, even if insufficiently so to give a full picture of what he knew was going on, but that didn't bother him, he didn't care about Jews and Communists and Perverts - so long as he and Dieter were able to enjoy their own little games - no, what caused his antennae to sprng to attention was the hint in her words - there were more of them? this had possibilities beyond his own desires for this one night, more of them? more of them? "how many are you in this - Concert Party is it called?" he asked, almost innocently, just a passing thought, "five in the van and two in a tent," she replied, the others are still in bed, the other three, for two of us quite obviously are with you and your friend, the other two are in a lodgings where we pay to bathe and do our laundery," as if this were an entirely normal arrangement and he tried to calculate distances to the nearest houses, "but they'll be out in a few minutes," and she seemed to sense his confusion: "my apologies for such a roundabout garden path sentence, they are still in the van, the three I said were in bed, there are seven of us girls altogether, that's our travelling bedroom," and he understood, "ah, eine Bordell auf Rädern!" he didn't translate it for her and didn't know if she understood that meant a Brothel on Wheels! she didn't object to the epithet, "but how charming, such a novelty I have never before encountered, come, let us turn back, this I must see, is the suspension good?" and he showered her with questions and now found himself listening to her answers, for this was just what he was most interested in and he was truly delighted to be involved in such a promising foray and was genuinely fascinated to see inside the bordello itself: "we're not actually, professionals, you know, entertainers, we're just an amateur travelling show, we sing and dance and play music and do sketches," and he thought to himself, call yourself entertainers, "do you all come out here in the evenings," she asked him and he reflected: "well, cerainly a few, I know that Reichsminister Goering and Reichsfuhrer-SS Himmler like to take the air - of course the Doctor cannot walk far for his right leg is shorter than the left, so he always walks in a circle," aware that such a statement - possibly a canard as he had never actually strolled with the miniscule Goebels and had no idea if he walked in circles, but it sounded sufficiently jocular, for the girl had laughed softly, but Himmler, I doubt if he has ever gone looking for chickens, though it might do him good to have some fun - he is a man who rarely laughs or enjoys anything, so far as I know," now distinctly aware that he could be taking a dreadful risk, should this sweet girl be an agent of the Gestapo sent to test the loyalty of the officers at the Conference: "before we go back would you like to sit here for a few minutes," he said, and drew her onto his knee; in moments he had his arms around her, was kissing her deeply and had his hand up her skirts, while also checking that his vade mecum, the gag, was still in his pocket; breaking free of his lips for an instant, she gasped: "not here sir, it is too public, in the Pink Van we shall have privacy and more time, and he felt his urges grow as they lifted him to his feet and they hurried back the way they had come with such a pace that the girl was quite breathless and flushed, which gave her face a luciferous quality and he felt bathed in her glow by the time they reached the vehicle, and that was when he said: "oh, my, dear, my manners, my apologies, we have not even introduced ourselves, I am Sturmbannführer Count Baldur von Machfleine at your service," clicking his heels as he bowed towards her, but didn't stop until his face was buried in her bosoms, his hands around her bum and he lifted her off her feet and swung her, turning a complete circle, before setting her down again!

(by MissTeriWoman)


How's this for a minuscule foray into the construction of garden path sentences? “A duck hunted for food in France is called a canard.”

(by umbraticus)
The Quandary for Saturday, March 11, 2017 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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