Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


Inside the Pink Van, Baldur was overwhelmed – it seemed larger inside than out, with far more girls than his companion (he had forgotten, when introducing himself, to ask her name) had enumerated, but perhaps in the translation the number had become confused; he accepted a drink and downed it in one, noticing that Dietrich and the other girl (he had barely registered them during the walk, so focussed had he been on his own companion and her inane babble about National Socialism as though it were her lodestar, her fantasy about the Irenic message it offered the world, what pap! there's nothing Thetan about The Thule Society, baby - yes, the body of a woman with the mind of a baby, which really, when you think about it, is all a woman's mind is, they never grow up!) – had joined them and that Dietrich had also finished his first drink and was now on his second, and then Baldur drank down his second also; and that was when he realised that the van was actually a boat, or was driving on a particularly uneven road, for he felt himself being pitched and tossed, so it must be a boat and the sea was particularly choppy; he needed to sit down, he saw that Dietrich was lying on a divan, almost completely undressed, his last garments just being pulled off by one or other or all three or four of the girls, and he himself was naked, and hands seemed to be all over him, but they didn't tickle, they aroused him, or so he saw when he looked down, no, that wasn't right, along, for he too was lying back on one of the divans, divans in der van, now that made sense, or else they would be bunks in a boat, he had not entirely lost his wits, even if he was up shit creek without a paddle, but when he tried to push himself up, he found that he had been tied down and giggled, so it was going to be like that, he didn't mind a bit of bondage now and then, or now and again, and again, but where was the gag, he'd like to gag that girl, for she talked too much, but of course he couldn't move his hands, so he tried to ask where his clothes were but no sound came out and when he really concentrated, really, really hard, he realised that he was gagged – with his own gag, so that was alright, it wasn't his imagination, he hadn't had too much to drink, it was just this infernal rolling, the sea must be very rough tonight, but there isn't any sea in Berlin, is there, now he was beginning to feel slightly muddled, as if his stomach and brain belonged to different bodies, or maybe he was actually tied to the ceiling (and he tried to work out which way was up and which down, but because of the mirrors on the walls and the floor or the ceiling, and the girls who seemed to be multiplying all the time, it was actually quite difficult to know North from South and then he wondered if the van, or boat, or both, was rolling over and over, like a drum or because it was rolling downhill, because sometimes he felt that he was up at the top of a roll and then down again at the bottom, and he felt slightly inebriated and just hoped that he wouldn't be sick, not with the gag in his mouth because just as he couldn't speak, or moan, or call out, so if he was actually sick it wouldn't come out either and he would drown in it and that wouldn't be nice, he would have a hard time explaining that to his wife Brunnhilda, and to Himmler or even that little glove-puppet Goebbels, which was when he noticed that Himmler and Goebbels were here too and he was very surprised because while he wasn't surprised to see the minuscule Doctor in a sea-going bordello, he was truly surprised to see Herrman Heinrich Herr Reichsfuhrer-SS Himmler Himself in person in a brothel on land or sea or up, up in the air and that was when lights began popping and he was dazzled by the glare, it was like one of those movie premières he sometimes got invited to with his wife, when press photographers were flashing bulbs on all sides, and here she was, his wife, leaning over him, running her hands down his arms and legs, then climbing on top of him, straddling him and he felt hands on his genitals, and despite his immobility, he could feel the blood pressure enlarging him and while she leaned over, removed his gag and kissed him on the mouth, her hands holding his face, the other hands were sliding him into her and he felt her body grip him and her pelvis rock as she moved up and down on him and it was really rather exhilarating, for she had never done anything like this to him before and her hair was falling over his face, but it was red hair, when had she dyed it, and her tongue was in his mouth, but she never had liked kissing like that before for their marriage was heart-whole and after the bloody assault on the marriage-night he had abandoned her in favour of more obliging partners and through the veil of her hair, the flashbulbs kept popping and now they were in the spotlight and he was the star of the show and he felt like he never had in his entire life, a life normally lived in the shadows, for there was where he habitually found his prey, he and Dietrich, where on earth was Dietrich now, was he watching, were Goebbels and Himmler watching now, and he thought, Oh My God is that Uncle Adolf staring down at me now what will he be thinking and he thought To Hell With It All and so far as his restrained body could, he began bucking and thrusting and sucking her tongue and forcing himself deep into her until with stars exploding all around and the warmth on her body as she lay atop him he ejaculated and filled her and suddenly the world went black and he passed out! "it's a wrap," said J Alfred and as Gertie climbed off the unconscious Baldur, and Pal removed the rubber sheath from his limp penis and threw it into a waste-bin, the same thing was happening with Dietrich, both climaxes having come simultaneously, and Freda was removing the blow-ups of Goebbels and Himmler and Hitler from the walls and J Alfred retrieved the film from the cameras and Hilde began dressing Baldur while Marthe did the same with his batman, and once the two senseless SS men were dumped in the bushes, J Alfred drove back into the centre of Berlin, while in the rear, the girls were all singing "Roll out the Barrel!"


(by MissTeriWoman)


He emerged from the whole affair damaged but heart-whole, and set out on a journey of irenic purification, his lodestar now the goal of isolating his thetan from further bodily concerns. (by umbraticus)
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