Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


Portnoy Windemere, who had inherited his family’s wealth at the age of five, had found no satisfaction in the mining and attendant habitat-destruction that was the source of his wealth, leaving all his businesses to the management of others, and by the age of thirty was already such a victim of Weltschmerz that he traveled wanly through the world, weary of everything he saw before he had scarcely seen it, believing in the greed but not the goodness of other people, and it was not until he became curious about the request of one of his managers to partner with a children’s charity that he even looked into the processing of the various metals his mines produced, at which point exploring his molybdenum interests created in him such a change of heart that he devoted the rest of his life to the non-profit manufacture of moly cows by his own radiopharmaceutical companies and the better organization with hospitals of distribution networks for these generators, his activities drawing him further into cancer charities and into closer contact with patients themselves, leading to still more munificent ventures in supporting every stage of patient need from diagnosis to burial, so that in his own last years he said that becoming involved with his charities had caused a kind of ecdysis in him, where he had shed his gloominess of spirit as a blue crab sheds its outgrown shell.

(by TheMagicalExplodingUnicorns)


"It's the Ley Lines, isn't it?" asked Jasmine, feeling a sense of ecdysis, as she shed a layer of her academic beliefs, to accept something which she had always considered counter-intuitive; and Ludmilla beamed a smile of such munificence that her whole face seemed to glow: "like zee holy moly cow, vee haff to accept zee unsinkable und extract zee essence, da, babes, Ley Lines is only zee surface indication of a network vich runs through zee entire planet, see!" and she took some plasticine which she had borrowed from Little Levy: different colours, and she squashed them into a lump which she then rolled in her hands to produce a smooth ball and handed it to Jasmine: "see vare zee different colours touch, zare iss a line und it might travel all around zee surface, but it also runss through to see uzzer side, so!" and a tsunami of Weltschmerz rolled Jasmine into a ball, a foetal position, held safe by Ludmilla's arms, but her friend hadn't finished: "you spoke vunce off Quantum Collisions, ass exemples off different Alternative Universes brushing against each uzzer, or different Time Frames doink zee same, da?" and Jasmine nodded, dumbly, "vell, my bootyful darlink, sink off each colour in zee ball as beink a different epoch, ass vell ass a different place, und vee can see und touch anuzzer Place and Time just by standink vare zey Intersect, niet? but da, off course! iss so simple, even a Bebby like Leedle Leevy can unnerstand it; he iss a remarkable enfant, a savant maybe, certainly he is vaisted in zat dacha vis his Mama and Papa, zey don't appreciate his talents – she, Rilla, only has ice fer her Lady Lover, und he, Rary, is a Rugger Bugger – iss zat zee right term? no matter, Leevy should be in Oxford vare hiss remarkable abilities vood be better appreciated, or even your Edambourg," which to Jasmine's ears sounded like Edamming with faint Praise! and then Ludmilla asked if Sam would be home tonight, "I shouldn't think so," said Jasmine, "he's having an affair with his dentist, he'll be her fourth husband before the year's out," and went on to explain: "Mrs Zanzibar, or Zanzie, Douglas-Scott-Kerr-Turnbull has been married three times; her first husband was her teacher or tutor at Dental College, he was married and after an incident involving laughing-gas, they had a torrid affair which gave his wife grounds to divorce him, and he married Zanzie, she then had an affair with a patient, Mr Scott divorced her, she married Mr Kerr after his divorce, and then she had an affair with the Senior Partner in her practice, and when they were both divorced by their spouses, she married Mr Turnbull and I bet you they'll be found out and she'll be divorced and married to Sam within the next 9 months, because, of course he is a widower and so only one divorce needed this time," which was when Ludmilla stood up and pulled Jasmine up too, and, leading her towards the stairs up to the bedrooms, whispered "прийти и трахнуть, сука," at which Jasmine, giggling, stuck her tongue in Ludmilla's ear and replied: "Я люблю, когда ты говоришь грязные, младенцы," and so to bed.

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Friday, March 31, 2017 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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