Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


Oh! and did they have a night of it? is the Pope a Catholic? of course they had a night of it, a fine bodice-ripping, breeches-bursting time of it! in which Gracie Long (as she was now) having fallen into the role of an unquestioning myrmidon and Sally Siddons got themselves all dolled up and went out in their finery to the Theatre Royal Drury Lane, where they paraded past the rakes and gadflies and swells and stage-door-johnnies and displayed themselves to all and sundry, till a brace of Cavalry Officers worked a pincer movement and cut them off from the rest, took them each by the arm, and marched them into the Foyer and up to a box in the third tier where they ordered champagne and gin and set about wooing the fine pair of plovers they had bagged, both certain that they possessed a usufruct over the ripe flesh and warm nooks and crannies at their pleasure; in vain Sally begged them to let her young companion see the show, in vain she pleaded for them to go easy, in vain she threatened to hurl herself to her doom if they did not desist; all, all in vain; so she offered to allow them both to enjoy her, if they would but restrict their activity with her God-Daughter to the child sucking them off – for she came of a good and respectable family and to have her deflowered and possibly put in the family way would ruin her, bring shame on her family and result in them being shunned around the County, and besides, her monthlies had just come on and the blood would spoil not only her dress but the uniforms of the Gallant Officers; so the Officers consulted and decided they were getting a fair bargain and agreed; and so it was that the curtains were drawn to shield them from prying eyes and Sally lay on the couch for the first Officer to mount her, while Gracie knelt between the legs of the other and did as Sally had instructed her yesterday with a small cucumber that she called a gherkin and with various sizes and thickness’s of saveloys; but despite practising all the livelong day, now that the occasion had arisen, so to speak, before her very eyes, Gracie really wasn't feeling very confident that she could do this – it was probably the strangest thing that she had ever been expected to do, and then she remembered climbing through the rent in Tavish's cloak and realised that that was the strangest thing, floating through the firmament seeing stars and planets and heavenly bodies and things that glowed and looked like disembodied faces peering at her until she found herself in what turned out to be a wardrobe, with rustling silk and satin dresses hanging around her and pushing her way through them and out of the door into Sally's room, and the look on the other woman's face, the surprise, confusion and then delight! yes, that had been the strangest and having survived it she knew that she could cope with whatever else – unusual, odd or strange, horrible or weird – might come her way, and this man-thing wasn't really like the gherkin at all, it was more like one of the saveloys that Sally said were sausages, made of minced pork squeezed into pig's intestines, but they were nothing like the sausages Gracie remembered from home, the coarsely chopped meat, bound with egg and seasoned with herbs then pressed hard into an oblong metal box to solidify, then sliced and fried, that Bridie, her father's cook, made in the kitchen, these English ones were slippy when she handled them, before dropping them in the hot lard, and this man-thing felt like one of them, a small saveloy, as she handled it, as she had been shown, pulling the skin back and exposing the tip, like a pale plum, and it smelled of sweat and something else, and she licked it and felt it fattening in her hand, becoming firmer, though it still wasn't as hard or large as the gherkin, but she took it slowly into her mouth, remembering all her instructions, and used her tongue and her cheeks to suck it being careful not to catch any of it on her teeth, because it could scratch easily, and the man put his hands on her head to keep her still and began to move it in and out, well, partly out, and then in again, nearly reaching the back of her mouth, and again, out and in, out and in, and she held onto the bag or pouch of skin that Sally said contained his balls or bollocks, but gently, having been warned that a hard squeeze could cause permanent damage, to the contents and to herself, once the man recovered from his agony, and he held her head steady and pulled out and pushed in and he began to get faster and faster and faster and he was pushing right to the back of her throat and was now as stiff and rigid as a branch from a rampike, and it was ramming into her throat when suddenly, without any warning or preparation, Gracie gagged and vomited the contents of her stomach and the man's cock into his lap!

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Tuesday, April 11, 2017 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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