Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


And the two officers left the theatre box – one in high dudgeon, his cloak wrapped about himself to hide the vomit which had stained his breeches and jacket, the other with a satisfied smile, as he had already spent copiously in Sally before Gracie threw up into his friend's lap; "let's to the bar, me pussycat, yer need a glass of brandy and hot water ter settle yer Derby Kelly," and there they met two swaggering dandies on the lookout for just such a pair of doves as themselves; "we're well in now, m'dear," said Sally, introducing Gracie to Herbert and Hubert, though to her eye they looked so alike that she never yet has worked out which was which, two peas in a pod! "so, Sally, this is your new apprentice?" asked Hubert, or Herbert, giving Gracie the once-over, and Sally replied: "yer, lads, this is Gracie, fresh as a daisy, as yer kin see, still in need o insteruction, but Lesson 1, Suckin' the Saveloy awaits assessment, an' as it so 'appens, we've a nice box third tier, if yer fancies ter put Gracie ter the Test!" and with whoops of delight the two young gentlemen fair ran the girls up the stairs and into their box, which had aired slightly, and that helped by a mix of pipe and cigar smoke from the adjacent boxes which helped disguise the stink of vomit – luckily none had reached the carpet, all had been contained within the officer's breeches! "so you are Peveril's Grandcat? – if I can put it like that?" asked Herbert, or Hubert, of Gracie, and confusion showed on her face, causing both gentlemen to laugh heartily at their joke, which Sally explained: "'e's just pokin' fun at yer, Gracie, cos my pussy belongs Sir Peveril an' your pussy belongs me, so ter speak, it's like Sir P is yer pussy's Grandpapa!" which explained nothing, and Hubert – or it may have been Herbert – added: "see old Sir P is my uncle, which makes him my nemesis, he's jolly rebarbative and dashed reluctant to hand over my allowance, from my Pa, oh you don't know, do you? well Sir Humbert Humbert, General Sir Humbert Humbert, is my Pater and he's out in India with the mem sahib," and Sally chipped in: "his Ma," and Herbert/Hubert nodded cheerfully, "my jolly old Mater, and he sends my allowance quarterly to Sir P, who's s'posed to dish it out to me, but the conniving old cove doles it out in weekly instalments which is pretty meanish, ain't it?" at which Hubert/Herbert echoed: "ain't it? ain't it just?" to which Gracie could only nod dumbly, not having the faintest idea what was being spoken of, and the story continued: "so you see, he has the benefit of it, in his Bank, while I just get a weekly portion like a common labourer or shop assistant! well, I mean to say, it's hardly kosher, is it?" and "is it? no it jolly well isn't!" cried his chum, and then the aggrieved party continued again: "well if I can snaffle a piece of nasty old P's Pussy, behind his back, and maybe now of his Grandpussy, too, well, all's fair in love and war and devil take the hindmost!" at which he tumbled Sally onto the couch, threw up her petticoats and set himself to shafting her as quick as a flash, she shrieking and giggling all the time; and Herbert? if it was, bowed shyly towards Gracie and mumbled: "would you, Miss Gracie?" and began fumbling with his buttons, which Gracie automatically reached out and assisted him with, realising instinctively that this was a boy, not so very much older than herself, despite his moustaches and fashionable clothes, and that if she was going to manage this activity, it would be better start with someone seemingly as inexperienced as herself, so she helped pull his cock out, handled it gently and saw it grow before her eyes, though not so florid and glowing as the officer's red-hot-poker had been, and while she kissed and licked it, stroked it with her fingers and caressed it with her lips, she felt the boy's soft hands curling her hair around his fingers, gently touching her ears, and cupping her face, all of which gave her greater confidence as she opened her mouth and slowly sucked it in until she held it all within, still running her tongue over and around it, her eyes closed and inhaling his musky, masculine smell.

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Wednesday, April 12, 2017 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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