Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


After Caspar Milquetoast moved downtown, he looked forward to taking the tram to work, and while he was pleased to spend a few minutes zipping smoothly along the tracks instead of sweltering an hour in heavy traffic, he found that the price he paid was enforced familiarity with his fellow commuters, for while most were merely silent and tried to avoid catching anyone’s eye, there were always the children barging into him, sometimes with sticky comestibles in hand; the ultracrepidarians giving their expert opinion on any item they happened to see in their newspapers or on any topic they chanced to overhear, before taking up their day jobs behind the cash registers at Safeway and Target; the drunks who found the tram passengers to be, depending on their own type of drunkenness, either potential punching bags or a neighborly community primed for gemütlich encounters involving confiding conversations, warm hugs, and sometimes convivial song; the truly mad, who muttered or shouted in the sometimes odiferous extra space the other passengers gave them; and the curmudgeons who responded with acerbic remarks to anything anyone did—the latter group being one with which poor mild Caspar found himself increasingly in sympathy, as he learned to take refuge behind dark glasses, headphones, and a Kindle, swallowing sardonic observations he suspected stood a good chance of earning him a black eye.

(by TheMagicalExplodingUnicorns)


Do I feel guilty after spending a night with Milly – or more correctly, her with me? the thought crosses my mind but slips away like an Unschooled tram between the tenements and I don't drag it back; certainly, Isa and Milly are a couple, but we have all known each other since childhood, are all cousins, along with Ginger and Goldy, Roxy and Trixie the Davidova Twins, Leigh, Jinty, Elvira, Jasmine, Rosie, Bernie and the acerbic O'Hooligan Twins Bunty and Dixie, Tammy, Pru before she had all those children and the rest, we played over the hills that rear high above Melrose and down in the River which separates the town from Gattonside – every yard of the streams that trickle and gurgle through gorges and between back gardens we surveyed and christened regardless of any official names shown on Ordnance Survey Maps; we had our own name for the broad wall – not so broad now that we are adults – by which we walked along the length of the river, from Newstead to the Swing Bridge: to us it was the dyke built long ago to safeguard The Annay, the low-lying fields between the town and the river, against flooding and had to be checked regularly, by us, whenever the river was in spate after heavy rains in the Peeblesshire Hills; I still use the old names for the four Counties which make up The Borders – Peeblesshire to the North-West; Selkirkshire to the West, Roxburghshire in the South, and Berwickshire the vast North-West quadrant which abuts the North Sea; parts of Midlothian have been annexed by local government reorganisations, returning Heriot and Fountainhall to their proper place, on the Southern side of the Moorfoot Hills; although we spent parts of our childhood in Glasgow and Edinburgh, this was still our home, where we came for the important holidays and birthdays, the family gatherings which can never be contained in one house, even Auntie Crist and Auntie May's former school, with its umpteen bedrooms and semi-basement kitchen and the great gemutlich attic which runs from end to end and was naturally our HQ! and we had a special flag we used to raise on a pole wedged into the Cairn on the mid Hill, near the Trig Point – the Cairn? hadn't Milly mentioned old Norman Noggs talking about the Cairn having something to do with his four friends disappearance, and Thomas Learmonth had mentioned the Cairn when he was telling me about his time as the Hunter when he lived among the Cave Dwellers, something about the cairn having a kind of door that could be opened, but the Police hadn't found anything dodgy about it when the searched the area, but they might have been looking for the wrong thing, or in the wrong place, if there was a Cairn in Stone-Age times, it could have been knocked down and rebuilt umpteen times, and not necessarily on the same spot – I'll have a word with Isa and Milly tomorrow, if I catch them off-duty! it's not strictly my business and I know nothing about Cairns, or how well the area was searched so they might consider me an ultracrepidarian, but what the hell, if I can't stick my tuppence-worth in with my favourite cousins, I might as well be the Woman in the Moon!

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Monday, May 22, 2017 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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