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Mariah Mandrake had always thought that the cost of living in a large modern city was the emotional limitations of gesellschaft, because neither all the city services in the world nor all the Manchester United pride in the universe could make up for the lack of the malleable emotional warmth to be found in small-town life, even if those more personal sorts of daily interaction might take the form of intrusive encounters with cantankerous critics who had known you all your life and made sure you knew in no uncertain terms what a disappointment you were, and so—having resigned herself to having nothing more in common with other Mancunians except that they lived in the same city—Mariah was deeply moved after the Manchester bombing to see how many of her fellow citizens came forward to offer everything from food to chauffer service to housing.

(by TheMagicalExplodingUnicorns)


Her maid, Magda - a Mancunian whose father was the grandson of Mary Burns and Frederick Engels - opened the door and a man in a black uniform entered; he bowed to Brunnhilda, and saluted Hitler with the Nazi extended arm salute, saying firmly, "Heil Hitler," and nodded to Himmler and Goebbels; Uncle Adaolf gestured for the newcomer to take a seat beside the hostess, who looked quizzically at him: "what are you doing here, Hubertus?" she asked, but it was Hitler who answered: "of course you know each other, second or third cousins, I believe?" and Prince Hubertus of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha replied, "yes, Meine Fuhrer, third cousins, once removed," at which Hitler clapped his hands, turned to Himmler and Goebbells, saying "only once removed - and we've managed to get old Baldur permanently removed," then smiling broadly towards Brunnhilda said: "Prince Hubertus is your husband now, Dr Goebbels has all the paperwork and I am pleased to see your two families linked more closely, in the service of the Fatherland!" as Brunnhilda tried to take it all in, she asked: "when is the wedding?" and it was Himmler who answered: "13th of May 1937, don't you remember, we were all there," and the pfennig finally dropped – that was the date of her marriage to Baldur; they had simply erased Baldur and replaced him with Hubertus, so simple, so Himmler; Uncle Adolf stood, he shook hands with each of them and as she realised how much of an effort that must have been for him, she felt it was necessary to acknowledge the fact: "thankyou, Meine Fuhrer, I appreciate all you have done for us," and Hitler nodded, accepting her gratitude, turned and walked away, quickly followed by Goebbels and Himmler, leaving Brunnhilda and Hubertus alone in the room: "so sudden, so unexpected," said her third cousin, once removed, "and she realised that this was not just about getting rid of one embarrassment - Baldur - it was about avoiding another: Prince Hubertus of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha had always been assumed by herself and her friends to be homosexual; not that they knew very much about it, but there had never been any suggestion of romantic attachments concerning him, and when they were younger women, romantic attachments had been the grist to their mill - discussing who had been seen talking with whom at parties, on yachts, at the racecourses, at weekends in this Schloss or that Shooting Lodge: it was all young single women talked about in their own company; true, since her marriage to Baldur, she had little enough opportunity for these gossip-sessions and had recently felt acutely abandoned, especially when he and that cantankerous Doopeltag had disappeared for weekends, or weeks with their latest playmates; but that was history, they no longer existed, were not even history in fact, they had never existed in any official form; she turned to Hubertus: "are you happy about all of this?" – and surprisingly, his eyes were bright, his cheeks lightly flushed: "am I happy, Brunnhilda? rather I should say I am delighted! the Fuhrer has fulfilled a promise he made to me months ago – he said that he had a plan which would make me the happiest man in all the German Reich, and he has kept that promise; I don't boast about myself, I am no Rudolf Valentino, but I am honest and conscientious, I will treat you with all due regard to your position in society and to your position as my wife; I will show you the respect which is your right and do my very best to make you happy to be my wife," and with that he kissed her hand and held it gently to his breast and she knew instinctively that the rumours had been true but, you know what, she didn't give a damn for them - this was going to be a Good German National Socialist Marriage and she would do all in her power to make it work by her loyalty to the principles of gesellschaft! and sitting in a Pink Van just round the corner from the apartment block in an expensive district of Berlin, J Alfred Prufrock, Palestrina MacFarlane and Gertie Mountcastle heard every word, as clear as day; "we're in, Ladies, thanks to good old malleable Princess Hubertus," said Alfred, producing a tin of Sobranie Cocktail Cigarettes and passing it around and as each of the girls – for the whole crew were crammed into the cab and listening in on the second-floor apartmenthad selected her colour and passed the tin on, he lit her cigarette with his 'lucky' Zippo, the one which carried an indent from a German sniper's bullet and had saved his life in the Great War to End All Wars! and after Gertie had poured each of them two fingers of Jim Beam, courtesy of the US Embassy, Alfred proposed a toast: "to the Democracy of Espionage, and the success of our Dirty Tricks," and repeating the words, "Dirty Tricks," they all downed their drinks in one!

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Wednesday, May 24, 2017 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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