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Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


The strange thing was that, at first, no-one even noticed that Sam was no longer in the room; Jasmine had just gone out to fetch another couple of bottles of whisky, and Irn-Bru for the children (although Lolly pouted at being identified as a child and said that she had been drinking 'hard licker' since she had first been sold, and Wullie didn't seem to understand the term, saying that people of about his size and age were 'jist wee fowk' and anyway, 'aw oo drink at hame is sma' beer, it's only gentry hae onythin else') and when she returned, assumed that he had either gone to the loo or outside for a smoke; it was only when he didn't return and the others who had been outside – Tavish Dalwhinnie, Peter Lorre, Leslie Howard, Diana Mitford, Laszlo Licinic, Lolly, Uncle Tom Cobley and all – said that no, they hadn't seen him there – she became concerned; he seemed to have just vanished; then Geli Raubal said that when everyone began arguing about 'eternal spirits' she had noticed him looking rather pale and undoing his shirt collar and loosening his tie, but when she next looked and he wasn't there, assumed that he had gone out for some air! this was, Jasmine decided, strange, and that was when she began to worry, as she confided later to Tavish, after the others had returned to the Waverley Castle Hotel where they were all booked in for a fortnight (renewable) as Morningside Literary Society a cover regularly used by the Scottish Secret Service because it was sufficiently a 'catch-all' to permit a varied group including several 'strange' or 'odd' individuals (after all, everyone knows someone odd in Morningside – maiden aunts and former military or naval uncles being the most common – and least said soonest mended) and they by and large went relatively unnoticed by the staff, except for that time when the Suffragan Bishop of Goole and Mrs . . . . . no, that's a different story; being an old colleague of Sam's, Tavish knew straight away what Jasmine was getting at; "you think he has gone walkies?" which was his term for anyone disappeared from one era, or epoch, and finding themselves in another – just as during the Cold War it was applied to anyone, whether Mole, Sleeper, or Zealot, who vanished from The Scottish Office, Edinburgh University, or Leith Docks and reappeared soon afterwards in Moscow or Peking (as Beijing was then referred) or even, in the case of Montague Mingulay, the beatinest poet to have emerged from the Outer Hebrides and long-time lover of the Duchess of Troon, in Tirana, Albania! and even now, Mingulay and his Duchess, who had abandoned her husband and children to join him, still live as honoured guests of the government which replaced the Dictator, Enver Hoxha, but Jasmine found it difficult to be whimsical, in the way Tavish seemed to find quite natural, though she supposed that having worked in the shadows for so many decades he, and Sam, had adopted a particular carapace to protect themselves from the occupational hazards which always swirled around their activities; even she found it strange to think of what they all did as 'work' and yet it could hardly be called 'play' either; nominally, she was a senior researcher at the National Library of Scotland on George IV Bridge in Edinburgh, but she spent three days a week in the little Georgian cottage in Darnick, and two with a couple of her colleagues under cover as a Pole Dancer and Stripper in the Burke and Hare pub in Easter Road, which was under constant surveillance as the suspected hub of a network of illegal enterprises – particularly in the Sex Trade, smuggling young girls from Eastern Europe with promises of a Good Life in the West, which forced them to work as child prostitutes among other things; the infamous Ring of Gold was at the top of this criminal pyramid and Jasmine and her colleagues were amassing a lot of information and evidence to bring the whole structure down and the Procurator had high hopes of arraigning the ringleaders, being determined to show through his perspicuous depositions that no-one, of whatever estate, was above The Law and to this end the investigation was being supported by The Justice League of Auld Reekie and The Economic Migrant, who was charging nothing for his services.

(by MissTeriWoman)


Caspar Milquetoast was arraigned in court for selling fake Georgian antique teapots, whose phoniness should have been perspicuous to the most casual observer, given that the material was Corningware and --the beatinest detail of all--the personage portrayed among the scrolls and roses was John Cena; nevertheless, Caspar's fraud had gone undetected for years. (by TheMagicalExplodingUnicorns)
The Quandary for Monday, June 26, 2017 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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