Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

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One day a scammer tried to sell a crucible for melting aluminum and he claimed it would turn the lowest grade aluminum into empyrean aluminum, but despite his behaving as a lickspittle, his moon shot idea had no chance and failed. (by J W)


"I've just been checking Sir Porcupine MacFarlane's rise in The Civil Service First Division," said Jasmine, and there was too long a pause, which caused Tavish to look up sharply and ask: "what is it?" and Jasmine swung round in her swivel chair, put down her print-out, and said: "it's like Brian Clough and Peter Taylor, Guv; wherever MacFarlane went, his deputy went with him," but Tavish shook his head, "no, no, it doesn't work like that, Jasmine, a lickspittle like MacFarlane could never swing that . . . . ." and faltered as Jasmine said: "ever since he joined the Civil Service, straight from St Andrews, his Deputy, also from St Andrews, who was appointed on the same day, has been his Deputy in every position, in every Ministry, including a couple of years in Moscow, with the British Council; and his name is Dunsinane Doubleday, the younger brother of our own Assistant Chief Constable!" and all Tavish could say was "fuck me! we've been blind-sided, so preoccupied with Worm-Holes and Space/Time Travel and our missing friends and colleagues that we really never saw this coming! they've fatally wounded the Prime Minister, politically if not her life, and smashed the accord she had with the DUP, they've plunged Britain into a Political Crucible – or Melting Pot – take your pick, and if Archie Andrews is indeed shown to be involved in this, which is more than likely, his career will be down the toilet at last and it'll be a shoo-in for Boris Nogudenuv, we'll be the laughing-stock of Europe – forget Brexit, it'll be Wrexit – and the only way forward will be an application to become the Fifty-First State in the American Union! this has probably been their plan all along – oh, you can put money on it, Jazz, this whole state of affairs has the hallmark of Sir Parlane himself and I bet we will be able to find a link between The Ring of Gold, the Freemasons, International Capital and the Illuminati with names in common, aims in common, and shames in common!" and Jasmine was confused: "do you think Sam knew about this?" and Tavish laughed: "oh, Jazz, Sam is too wily not to have had at least some inkling of it – see here, I've got a pamphlet I found in his room: it's by Stalin. written in the early '30s, about an international conspiracy which had tentacles in the political, commercial and cultural establishments in every civilised nation and he suspected that certain un-named Bolsheviks were agents of it; he doesn't name Trotsky, but it is clear if you know what you are looking for that Trotsky's interpretation of Permanent Revolution through Comintern – the Communist International – was what he was alluding to; I think Stalin, rightly or wrongly, believed that the agents of this conspiracy had got Trotsky's ear and, whether he was a patsy, or a knowing agent himself, he was compromised in Stalin's eyes; Stalin was a very Black and White guy, you were either One of Us or One of Them, there was no middle ground with him and there were definite links between certain factions in Comintern and the other organisations – now I can accept that most of those Bolsheviks were genuinely working for the Revolution, but what people like J P Morgan, Rockefeller and the Rothschilds and other bankers wanted, was de-stabilisation, unseat the Old Order and send their Carpet-Baggers in to take over, just as they later tried with Hitler and the Nazis – he was financed by British and American banks, through Switzerland because these financiers thought they could control him: get rid of the Unions, the Socialists and Communists in Germany and finance a re-building of the economy and Bingo! you've got a huge market in Central Europe in hock to you and from there you spread out and take over; Hitler did spread out and take over but not quite in the way his backers expected and by the time they realised it, it was too late, totally out of control and we got WWII; and the Nazi Plan B – if they lost the war, was to unite Europe under their control through business and commerce, a la the EU, but don't say it out loud; it's probably time for me to meet this Little Levy Balquhidder and find out what he knows and can tell us; this has got to a stage where we have to Act, quickly and decisively; maybe I'm hoping for a Moon shot, some sort of empyrean awakening, which you might think a bit rich coming from an old atheist like me, but after my time in that Stone Age Cavern in the Eildons, and then being catapulted forward to the Middle Ages and committing 'Murder Most Foul'," which he said with an involuntary shudder, "I have taken stock of my beliefs and decided on confused agnosticism, but to be honest, Jazz, I think we're heading for the Final Countdown!"

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Thursday, July 20, 2017 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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