Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


"Do you mind, Calamity," asked Tavish, as the others were busy poring out teas and coffees or talking among themselves, and Wild Bill had gone outside for a smoke, "if I ask you one question?" and Calamity grinned, "you mean on top o thet one?" and Tavish nodded sheepishly, but Jane put a hand on his arm, "course you cain Captain, ah wuz jist joshin," and Tavish asked her: "did Professor Einstein know where he was when first you met him, and did he have a means of returning to his own place?" and Calamity held up two fingers: then folding over one, she said "nope, he staggered outa the Livery Stable, holdin his stummick like he's eaten the wrung thing, or taken an emetic and was gonna be awful sick, but he weren't, though he near knocked me over, then helped me up an asked me where he was and the date, so ah teltum, and he looked purty pleased with hissel said fer all he noo he mighta found hissel face to face with a Merlion – whatevva that is, and here he was face to face with a purty gal, an ah turned round before ah realised he meant me! - that was even before he interduced hissel, which am used to in the West but allus thought city folks had better mannas; okay," folding over the second finger: "ah asked im where he was lookin fer, an he said some place to eat so ah tookim to the saloon an bought im breakfast, with a Eye-Oh-You ah'd bin savin up, an ah enquired how he was travellin an he said, that was A-OK which I thought was maybe a herd he was with, though what use he'da bin on a horse ah really caint answer, he said 'ah've got a re-turn ticket,' so ah guess as he must've come in on the Stage, mebbe it picked'im up from a railroad Station some wheres, but whenever he spoke it was awful garbled, like he was thinkin o sumthin else other than what he was sayin – are all Professors like that?" and Tavish looked her straight in the eye: "he called it 'a return ticket'?" and she nodded vigorously, "and he was still there on the day you did your reconstruction?" she nodded again, "yepp, he was at Dora's when ah went fer her, he showed me a purty stone he'd found, he said it was a ventifact that had bin polished by thousands of years tumblin in the desert, blown about by the wind and sand, av got pockets full o them but ah din't know they had a special name," and Tavish thanked her and she went over to where Auntie Crist poured her a coffee; it seemed to him that Albert Einstein had found a way to control access to Wormholes – maybe he didn't know where he would be taken, but he was confident that he could make the return journey, and Tavish was remembering the set-up Little Levy Balquhidder had arranged for him and his friends and which had brought them all here from the 13th Century: Levy had found a portal through his Teddy Bear Karla, by which he had been able to contact Tavish via Tavish's own cloak, and after establishing a Tin Can and String telephone which had enabled Sam and Jasmine to speak directly to Tavish, eventually the group had escaped and returned here, although not before Lady Griselda of Longformacus had – probably accidentally – made her own journey but likely had let go of the string so was now in another Time and Place; and Levy – or his Spirit – had intervened with the entity he referred to as 'The Creator' and the party stranded in Milan in the 1450s had reappeared: ha! that was a laugh, only a few of them had originated here, their companions happy not to return to their own points of origin; and he had also heard, separately, from The Economic Migrant and Chief Justice Lord Jock Linkumdoddie's Justice League of Old Reekie that the Lawyer, Martin Elginbrod QC who, after being believed drowned at sea by some of the then Presidential Candidate Donald Trumpet-Trousers' Security, had turned up in the Berlin basement where Roxy Davidova and others had been held before escaping to Milan, and was atomised before their very eyes, had somehow reappeared in ACC Duncan Doubleday's apartment, much the worse for wear, but still with the energy to attempt to discredit First Minister Ginger Goldfish! he resolved to have a thorough search made of Albert Einstein's unpublished papers, to see if he had written anything about harnessing or accessing Wormholes to facilitate practical Space/Time Travel; he had a friend in Washington, Max Million, who might be able to help and he resolved to call him later, when the Time-Difference would not be a barrier!

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Wednesday, August 09, 2017 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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