Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


Tavish and Wild Bill sat in the garden, having a peaceful smoke, while the ladies all watched the IAAF World Championships on the television – and Tavish wondered whether, if he were alive today, Karl Marx might have considered either Television or Sport to be the Opium of the People, certainly the combination seemed to work as an analgesic and help the viewers and listeners forget their woes for a time – and even here they could still occasionally hear the commentator's voice raised with excitement – Brendan Foster's Geordie cadences familiar anywhere – and Tavish poured them each another glass of Laphraoigh, to which Bill was becoming rather partial, and asked about the game of cards, that last game, before Jack McCall took a shot at the back of Bill's head: "well, Captain," Bill had begun to adopt Calamity's title for his host, "there was Cap'n Massie, Charlie Rich and Fred Buthnot, and I seem to remember a couple of other fellows, but I'm not sure enough if I knew them, or even if they were in the game; I think they'd been in the saloon the previous day, maybe just at the bar, I do recall that one, the older, had hair so black and sleek it was almost a gunmetal blue, you know what I mean? and Tavish nodded, but his mind was drifting away to the edition of The Black Hills Weekly Pioneer immediately following the murder, and Calamity's fatal re-enactment of it, including speculation as to what had happened to the bodies; the report had mentioned witnesses to both incidents, including a Mr MacFarlane (a Scotch gentleman) and his valley (sic) Mr Doubleday, and the fact that the blow which struck Calamity Jane on the head was made by Jack McCall himself, and not her friend Dora, as arranged; oh there was certainly a hue and cry out for the double murderer, but Deadwood was a lawless town at that time, and the only incentive – other than a desire for justice on the part of various friends of the victims – was a reward of $50 which had been put up by the Scotchman. MacFarlane; no reason was given for his magnanimity! "how well do you know Massie, Rich and Buthnot?" asked Tavish and Bill sat in silent thought for some time, before answering: "well, now, someone said Massie is a Riverboat Captain but I don't rightly recall the name of his boat or why he was in Deadwood; Rich is some kinda business-man, I've just met him at the tables, and Buthnot is a gamblin man, I know that, but how much of a livin he makes, I really couldn't say; but to tell you true, Captain, I've been watchin them for some time; you know that Prostitution arrived in Deadwood with the Gold Rush? and Opium too? see when there's a lotta men, particularly engaged in hard and probably dangerous work, they crave some excitement or distraction from time to time, and there's always folks ready to provide that; Saloons are the best known and frequented places – miners can afford booze and it doesn't cause too much trouble, they can play Poker or Blackjack and lose their gold if they ain't careful, but they'll just head back to their Claim and keep diggin; the women tend to operate away from the Saloons, they have their own establishments, run by women caterin to men who need somethin more intimate than gamblin or booze – unless you're hooked on them two; and Opium is the quickest way to oblivion and it's usually cheaper than all the other recreations; but what I've been noticin is that there's a couple of places, tucked in among the Opium dens – which are mostly operated by Chinese, though they're actually own by Americans – which seem to offer a particularly secret merchandise, I haven't been able to identify it yet, I don't have any official standing at the present, but I've been asking a few folks here and there, and listenin to the bits and pieces that come back, and I suspect that it's child prostitution, located where it is because the merchandise is drugged with Opium so there's no screams or shouts to draw attention; the customers, if I'm right, ain't talkin, certainly not to me, but I've got Rich pegged as the money man, Massey as the shipper of the goods, and Buthnot as a kinda salesman, spotting likely customers in saloons and at the tables and putting a word in their ears; McCall I figured was their enforcer, should any customers get outa hand, either on the premises, or elsewhere, maybe talkin too much; what I was tryin to do was get better acquainted with the group and see if they might trust me enough to try to draw me in – sometimes you just gotta temporize in this Law and Order business, as I'm sure you know only too well, Captain," and when he winked, Tavish could understand a lot of the attraction that Bill had for Calamity and other women, including several of those indoors just now; he was intelligent and sophisticated in his ideas and his ability to obtain an overview of all the elements in this activity he described, was as good an example of Mental Detection as Tavish had come across in recent times; yes, in addition to his physicality, his charisma, which might have been lost on several of the women he knew, Tavish could detect that sapiosexual attraction which did not rely on pheromones alone for it's magnetism, and wondered if he, himself, had any?

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Saturday, August 12, 2017 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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