Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


"We must kill them," whispered Sir Parlane MacFarlane, no chicken hawk when it came to eliminating problems, to Dominic Doubleday as they squatted in the small stand of trees and surveyed the hill which reared above the Loch, "you must skirt the hill so that our attack will come from two sides, "I will wait for fifteen minutes and then advance – the woman will be no trouble, and only the Paladin, Marcus, presents any danger – I don't know who the other man is, but he is old and unlikely to give us any problems," a surmise Doubleday doubted but did not voice, for he had seen the older man's quick movement which had saved the three from the javelins he and his Master had thrown and which, but for the actions of the stranger, would have finished off the trio, but he knew better than to contradict Sir Parlane; so, keeping low and, as far as he could hope, out of sight of the watchers on the hill-top, he crawled around the hill, keeping a count in his head so that their attack could be co-ordinated; but his progress was being followed – Sam tracked him all the way, he had seen what the plan was, for an attack from two sides was the only way they could be over-run; he kept Marcus informed of the servant's position, while Christiane sat between them, alternately crying and asking what was happening; and now MacFarlane was on his feet, running at a crouch in an erratic zigzag, making it difficult for a thrown javelin to find it's mark; at about the same time, Doubleday was making his own approach, in the same style; Marcus stood up, on the side MacFarlane was approaching, while Sam faced the on-coming Doubleday – his javelin held lightly, his hand firm but relaxed – and Christiane, knowing that this was no time for crying, stood between them, holding Marcus' gladius in her two hands, hoping that she would not need to use it but now determined to kill either MacFarlane or Doubleday, even if she died in the attempt; in the sky above them, a red kite, sensing that something was happening below which might result in a banquet for her chicks, circled the hill-top, and then Sam threw his javelin, just as Doubleday, turning at the end of a zig and about to move into a zag, was motionless, and proving him as good as his word, the javelin flew true and hit Doubleday full in the face, before he had time to see it, penetrating his right eye and his brain and the tip cracking out through the back of his skull; Doubleday dropped silently to his knees and pitched forward, driving the rest of the javelin through his head; and now, Sir Parlane, believing that Doubleday would be pressing forward with his own attack, began to run directly towards Marcus, eyes fixed on the javelin the Paladin held raised and ready to throw; Marcus made as if to throw to the right, MacFarlane quickly moved to the left and had no chance of avoiding the javelin which Marcus had aimed in that direction; it struck him in the centre of his torso, pushed between his ribs and punctured his heart; he was dead before he knew what had happened and the impetus of the javelin caused his body to fall backwards, where the sharpened point impaled him to the turf; the Battle of Cauldshiels was over almost before it had got going; after a perfunctory check that Doubleday was not breathing, Sam went down on his heels and then threw himself backwards, landing spreadeagled on the springy heather with a whoop of delight as Marcus turned and said to Christiane: "it is over, the enemy is no more, we have come together and won! and Sam, will you help me dispose of them in the paludal," indicating an area of marshland between the hill and the Loch?" at which point Sam remembered the important thing he had forgotten in the excitement which had followed his initial encounter with the pair of 'love-birds' and "do you have a knapsack, Marcus?" he asked; slightly confused at the queer enquiry, Marcus said that indeed he did and it was strapped to his horse; "please, this is important," said Sam, can you fetch it?" so Marcus walked down to where the two horses, his and Christiane's were hobbled, unstrapped the knapsack and brought it up to Sam, who was talking quietly with Christiane; "thankyou, friend," said Sam and, taking the knapsack, tipped out it's contents onto the grass and then felt around inside; watched intently by Marcus and Christiane, he pulled something out, a tightly rolled strip of paper which Marcus had never seen before; Sam unrolled it and stared intently, then passed it to Marcus, but, of course he was unable to read the strange-looking words written in a tiny hand, so Sam asked him to give it to Christiane; her look of puzzlement increased as she read; so Sam said: "can you read it out my dear?" and finding that her mind was able to translate the English into Latin as quickly as she saw the words, she said: "Imperium terra ad Major Sam - Si hoc legere et quae fuerunt super MacFarlane et vicit Sumptibus; Hoc Wormhole ut proicimus proximo dies si velis redire uel non despicias Lauderdale festinans velit excusare Paladini ante quam patina fore inutilem ei semel transieris est. . . . .Little conquisitoresque dilectus habendi Balquhidder," and she stared at Sam, questions unspoken, but he understood them at once.

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Wednesday, August 16, 2017 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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