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And what that was, was played out before their very eyes: a wee Cock Sparra sat'na tree, chirpin awa as blithe as could be, alang cam a boy – a middling sized 8-year-old loon in dungarees – wi a bow an a arra – and an old bucket, and sitting on the bucket – said he, "ah'll get ye, ye wee Cock Sparra"; the boy wi the arra let fly at the Sparra, but he hut a man that wis hurlin a barra, the man wi the barra cam owre wi the arra, an he said "ye tak me fur a wee Cock Sparra!" the man hut the boy tho he wisnae his farra, the boy stood an glowered, he wis cut tae the marra; an aw this time the wee Cock Sparra, wis chirpin awa on the shank o the barra! and as the man left the scene, muttering xenophobic curses about Scotch garçons and the boy, dragging his bow and bucket also slouched off, the spectators roared with laughter – at an interlude which, in terms of this History might be disregarded by some as mere inconsequential marginalia, but that view shall be proved to be so wrong, in due course – which was when it became apparent that MacFarlane's waters and bowels had simultaneously burst and he had pished and shat his breeks, together with his shirt which was stuffed into them, and his coat which was tucked under him where he sat on a tree stump; face red with embarrassment he tried to cover his shame with the wide-brimmed hat he had been wearing, but his discomfort – and the smell – was quickly noticed, and produced further merriment, with even Dominic remarking: "it's uncommon true, but proves that mony a mickle maks a muckle, sic a wee pickle of piss an shite fair reekin like a fairmyaird efter aw the coos huv shat their load," which earned him a cuff around the head from his Master, but a poor skelp with one hand, the other vainly trying to hold his garments away from his body; until one of the women offered to wash his clothes and dry them over the embers of the fire, which he felt was both a bold and compassionate offer and he gratefully acceded; she showed him into a small caravan where he might privately undress and clean himself and she handed him a bundle of dry clothes to change into; and that was how, a few minutes later, he emerged dressed in a woman's blouson, petticoats and voluminous skirt, there having been no male attire either in the bundle or to be found within – this produced further laughter from everyone gathered round the camp-fire, and MacFarlane himself wisely joined in, demonstrating that he had the wit to accept the humour in his predicament, and showing how well he could imitate, in his walk and gestures, the movements and carriage of a woman, despite being a man; and as he explained to the Gipsies, Scotchmen, at home, traditionally wore the Kilt which is not so very different from a woman's skirts, giving the wearer free movement in hunting as much as in battle; the Gipsies revelled in all this and it was not long before the two Scotchmen, as honoured guests, were shown a trailer in which they might spend the night, along with two young Gipsy wenches who, said the Leader with a lascivious grin, would help keep them warm in the cold of the night as was the Gipsy custom, for every Bari Gadgi must needs have a Bari Manushi for his bedmate; and so it was that in the tight confines of the rustic cart, there was much merriment and little sleep, as the rocking, and creaking of the van gave testimony to the virility of the two wayfarers and the squeals of pleasure similarly demonstrated how their plunges also gave enjoyment to the two young strumpets! but oh! what the consequences would be was only discovered in the morning.

(by MissTeriWoman)


I was heartily ashamed of being accused of xenophobia when my book was published, mainly on the strength of my marginalia that were leaked to the Press, who then predicted the book would be of middling success, but would sell well amongst the common folk, a fact I relished for its pecuniary irony since as they say in Scotland, "many a mickle makes a muckle".

(by OldRawgabbit)
The Quandary for Thursday, September 14, 2017 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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