Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


And that was when Sadie Siddons announced to her young friend, Gracie Long – who, we all know, is really Lady Griselda of Longformacus – that tonight was the night when she would be initiated into her new life, a life they had been preparing for over the past few weeks: tonight Sir Peveril MacFarlane (Sadie's and Grace's Protector) and his friend Mr W (in fact Mr Walter Minor, although neither of them knew his last name for certain but guessed it was Minor because of a label sewn into one of his jackets, which, Sadie had conceded might just be a reference to the fact that the label might have meant that he was merely the younger brother of another Mr Walter who had been to the same Public School and who was known there as Walter Major, because she knew for a fact, it having been explained to her by a Stockbroker she had been intimate with some years earlier that at his own School brothers were referred to as Major or Minor to distinguish the older and younger of a pair of siblings, which would mean she admitted that his Surname could be Walter and she knew for a fact that most swells and gents referred to one another by their surname rather than their Christian name, whereas they always spoke to the Girls they frequented by their Christian names) and she knew for a fact (one of her favourite phrases regardless of whether or not she truly did) that tonight, this very night, was to be exciting for both of the Gentlemen and indeed for Gracie herself: Gracie had been initiated into giving men, who Sadie introduced her to. the pleasure of oral sex, what Sadie referred to irreverently as Sucking the Sausage, coarsely as Mouth Fucking and Gracie had to admit to herself, that it wasn't really as bad as she had feared when Sadie first told her about it, for, at least so far, the men she had sucked had been clean and reasonably wholesome, and when she closed her eyes she could imagine she was merely sucking her own thumb, at least until the squirt of an unusual kind of liquid, warm and milky, although many of the men she had sucked had been possessed of something considerably thicker and longer than either of her dainty thumbs, and she had found, after the first few occasions, that swallowing the Spunk (Sadie's name for the thickish liquid that shot into her mouth) was not entirely unpleasant and varied in taste from salty to sweet, and she had learned from Sadie how to kayfabe and act more aroused than perhaps she felt and taught her all the tricks which will bring the spunk sooner that might be otherwise "cos you don't want to be on your knees all night and end up with that Chondromalacia patellae like Maisie Higgins, you've seen er knees, big lumpy things, from too long at the job," and Grace agreed; but tonight she was to be properly fucked for the very first time and, Sadie assured her, by true Gentlemen and in the case of Sir P, one of them an Aristocrat, which was a lot better than having to open your legs for a Butcher, Baker or Candlestick Maker, like many of the poorer class of Gels who stood about on street corners, never knowing what hombre would be poking them for a bob or two; so Gracie tried her best to look and sound grateful, for she knew that Sadie never lied to her and she trusted that Sadie would be there to ensure that no harm came to her; then Sadie said that she had a little thing which would show Grace what the night to come would involve, and from her bottom drawer she produced a wooden object which, she said, was what the Gels on the Game called a Dildo, and this one was a replica of Sir P's Todger, "thet's wot e calls his Cock-a-doodle-do, is Todger, feel it, oi knows it's just a travesty, ain't got the throb o his thing, but it's perfick shape an size," and she handed it over: it was slightly heavy, but not sharp, smoothed out, in a reddish wood, with a plum shaped head and a shaft that she could hold in her hand; of course, she recognised it, for she'd already 'Sucked the Sausage' for him, but she was anxious about it going into her, 'down there' so Sadie told her to lie on the bed with her legs wide, and her knees bent up, and Sadie positioned herself between Grace's smooth, white limbs, "now oi've greased it, to make it slippery an slidey, an we'll do that to Sir P's tonight," she assured Grace, and then she said, "oi'll count to three and then slide it inter ye, One, Two," and Gracie felt something firm, but slippery, sliding into her, sliding out and in, out and in, and she closed her eyes and let her body respond: her heart raced, she clenched and relaxed her buttocks, found that she could do the same with muscles she hadn't known she possessed, as Sadie kept up the rhythm, all the time inserting the Dildo a little more with each thrust, and then Gracie felt a sharp pain and she cried out "ow! that hurt!" and then the thing went deeper, deeper than she had ever known anything could, and before she knew it, Sadie was on top of her, kissing her on the lips, pressing her tongue into Grace's mouth, and Gracie responded, wrapping her legs around the older woman's waist and her arms around her body and Sadie pushed herself between Grace's thighs, and her fingers withdrew the Dildo and she pressed harder with her own body, her dexterous fingers finding Grace's clitoris and pressing her own on to it. and rocking herself and Grace into a rhythm that intoxicated Grace as she felt herself falling away and her body respond of it's own accord, their kisses passionate, mumbled words lost in each other's mouths and the hypnotic rhythm rising and falling with their beating hearts and then, after what seemed like an instant and an eternity, they both gasped and moaned as pleasure flooded their senses and everything stopped, they were as if glued together, as if they were one, holding their breaths for as long as possible until everything drained away and Sadie let her body sink onto Grace and Grace held her tight as if afraid she might disappear, and they slowly sank into that wonderful dreamless sleep which follows the most perfect unity of two women who love and cherish each other, and they never moved, except for the gentle, shallow breath of slumber!

(by MissTeriWoman)


Going into the office I encountered my Spanish co-worker and greeted him: 'hey hombre, how are you doing?', but he merely groaned and pointed to his housemaid's knee problem (which he insisted on giving its full name of Chondromalacia Patellae - probably because it sounded grander and impressed his travesty of a wife) and he then put on a kayfabe of its origins consisting of an elaborate series of pious genuflections along with making the sign of the cross!

(by OldRawgabbit)
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