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Isa telt me, okay, told me: keep it clean, Ah've got guid reason mind , av huvny bin awfy well aower the wewekend, nothin seriouslike an aye, av ben drinkin; she'd been busy av herdly seen her at aw, following up on Ranulph Ochan'poshan, him that wash involved with the abush of Lolly (shorry, shome short of Romanian shurname) oops, never mind, n stoap the Shawn Connery ipreshionsh but the gist is, she'd been tied up (Isa not Lolly) and only got colled in today - it's the the thing abouot the auld geezers who went missing, four o em, the anes wha were working on reconstricting the Cairn on the Middel Eildon that had prolapsed, sorry, collapsed, probbly cause fowk were takkin stanes awa stead o adding them - it seems a lot of cashal walkers dinny really ken hoo a Cairn is built and dinny really care, they jist want a souvenir, like takin stains, fukkit stanes, aff a beach or a roverbed, so onywey, these four geezers had bin drinkin in The Ship dicsussin the baith sides o the Indyref {thats no an indian referee mind- it's the ferendrenum on Indypendience} an didnae reach hame; for some reason wirr Uncle, Noman Noggs - they criy him Noggin cos they've aw got nicknames an thatis his, - he didnae disappear; she said Sargeant Goldie Brevity even cam doon fae Embra - she's in charge o The Gressmerket and Coogate Community Policin Hub which sounds posher than whit it is, cordin tae isa, Isa, gettit richt; an Sgt Brevity was flappin aboot like an auld Corbie - she isny that auld but Isa likes tae exaggerate - hoo come ma spellin's beter wi the big words than the wee anes? dinnae anseer that! so Dod Broon wis headin tae Gattonside, whaur he bides but didnae get hame, Wee Eck lives in Darnick an he didnae either, Fat Frank didnae reach Newsteed and Owb Boab wha lives in Priors Walk, the nearest tae The Ship never made it hame which maks fower nae shoes; which wis hoo it cam aboot that Isa n Mully went tae see Auntie May (no the same may mean Isa live wi, t'ither ane) whas Uncle Nomans' sister (but she didnae ken wha or why he'd no cam hame at first but it turned oot he an Rusty Irons the bar manager had droven intae Gala for somethin fae tECScO an may wais awreddy asleep bi the time Noman got hame or so hed said in the mornin but slikely she wud hae cos the chemo shez gettin fur the Lukemia seemes tae get her boddy clok mudles up but shez cam thru fine that wiz five year in Julie she wiz diaggnosed an she's grand exept fur huvin naps wen shes tried an neraly nites) Isa n Milly had a land chat wi him jist in case he'd mindsed onythin else but he saed no, then "there was somthn, a rather tubby chap" - thets the wey he talks, caws blokes chapps an wummin laddies - "wha seemed awfy interested in the Cairn, "sed Noman "an this chubby chapp kept askin techinacal questions aboot hoo Carines seem tae resist the winds that aye blaws aboot upon the Hills, whustlin aboot yer eers, an Auld Boab teltim their proapar name shood be Ovine Cairns, cos their designated wi wholes tae let the sheeps farts blaw thru them!" Ha Ha Ha am aff tae bed the noo . . . . . ah hope theyve goat me an amanuensistant tae tipt this oooot richt afore its gotten publishied, ffs am that pished ah dinnae ken whau am ur! nitey bite

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Monday, September 18, 2017 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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