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Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


"Oh, woe is me", he said to the bard, "for I have Balanitis so badly, and I am told it is a yeasty condition that I brought upon myself through wearing wet underpants, exactly the same condition as in the skin behind my ear, an otic infection that gives me such discomfort; yet I am comforted by your intonations, O Imbongi, and I plead with you to continue while I scratch my ear - mostly in an attempt to distract you from the surreptitious fumblings of my very sore naughty parts".

(by OldRawgabbit)


And then yesterday, 21st September 2037. almost twenty years later to the very day, the same two Police Scotland Officers, Isa Urquhart – now Detective Inspector – and her cousin, now Detective Sergeant Milly Millican, sat in the same corner of the Coffee Shop – different décor, the third new owners since 2017, different furniture, only one of the waitresses from that time still working here, Lucille was quite a fixture, she knew all the locals by name and many by their inclinations, but she held much of that as a Priest kept the silence of the Confessional, and in the far corner, a Zulu imbongi, cousin of the new Chef, treated the otics of the customers to a yeasty appraisal of his Balanitic member, unfortunately in Zulu, which meant that they were unable to fully appreciate the meaning of the song, but nevertheless thrilled at his emotive rendition – after their visit to Uncle Norman and his sister, Aunt May, strangely seeming little different from before, but then, family members we see regularly don't appear to age until we catch them in photographs as they were, but the circumstances brought everything into sharp focus: the sudden reappearance of Dod Broon twenty years after his disappearance, incredibly alive and – so the doctor at the BGH had said – pretty well after his ordeal, and certainly not anything like his chronological age, and then the discoveries of the bodies of his three friends who had disappeared at the same time and all of them, according to Professor Carolina Moonbeam showing all the signs of being recently murdered; and Isa found herself thinking of how the rills of Time flow and yet everything about this case brought back to her that strange period when Time seemed jumbled and people she knew disappeared and reappeared – or didn't – and others from another Past walked right into her own Time; the Scientists had offered an Olive Branch, accepting that what had happened may have upset their Theories, but looking for new ones, holding on to the principle that everything had it's origins, it's causes and once found they would explain clearly the consequences, and there had been a resurgence of Faith after the full story of Little Levy Balquhidder had come out and despite his best efforts to deny it, he found himself hailed as a New Messiah – or to some – The Second Coming of Jesus; his story had blown a shofar and awakened dormant Faith in many hearts; the Proofs he was able to offer of Re-Incarnation were astounding and gave Hope to the Despairing, a Warning to the Unwary, and Strength to the Weak; Milly coughed, she had recently been diagnosed with OCPD which she said was official proof that she was a true Numpty, for continuing with her smoking despite all the warnings on packs and stern advice from her GP. but Isa, who still had the occasional puff, was kinder than the medical people and less judgemental, for she knew from her own life that the work they did was full of stress, anti-social hours, the pervading dread of the Call in the Night which could take them to face the many horrors that humans were capable of inflicting on others; she brought her thoughts back to the present – Uncle Norman had been able to remember that afternoon in The Ship and the tubby chap who had been asking questions, too many questions, too detailed, and his visual memory was crystal clear, as he described that man the two young constables had seen with the Professor Sir Clement Danes, the one they referred to as Doctor Goebbels, 'did he perhaps mention his mane? – @ she had asked and Norman closed his eyes, bringing that meeting in the pub back and he answered, "yes, he said it was Goebbels, Doctor Goebbels, that brought a laugh and Ould Boab said, 'ye cannae be, he shot hissel in the Bunker, in '45, efter murderin his bairns' and the tubby chap stuck out his jaw and said 'that was Allied Propaganda, to malign me as a murderer of children, I am indeed Doctor Goebbels!' after which we ignored him as a fantasist, though I do recall him mentioning someone called Count Baldur von Machfleine, whom he was searching for and though the name rang the tiniest of bells for me, I just couldn't place it!"

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Friday, September 22, 2017 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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