Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


Dateline: Gotham City, Today 2037 7.30am: The Rubber index-finger had been filled with the correct blood-type and it was only a few seconds go that the illuminated sign above the door changed from the red No Entry to green Enter and the door itself swung open to admit them, Hyman first, followed by Sadie and Rose coming last, and just seconds after her weight had left the pressure sensitive mat, the door slammed shut; there was a spiral staircase from the little entry box, and once they had descended maybe sixty, or eighty feet they were in a long, straight, completely empty corridor under New York skyscrapers; "we surely aren't deep enough to be under the foundations?" gasped Sadie as they hurried along, "no," replied Hyman, "Morrie told me that it passes straight through many basements, and the buildings' owners don't even know it's there. look around, only the electric lights, no hum of air-conditioning or anything, and this carpeting absorbs our footfalls, silent as the grave! apropos of which, I suspect we are entering Old Duck's last resting place on earth – you remember the rumours that when his body lay in state it was a mannequin? that it looked too good to be him, dead, for real?" and Rose laughed: "yeah, and what a bombasting the papers got from Dewey, wasn't he a total mammothrept, throwing a tantrum like he did? stamping his feet and shouting: 'it's my Dad. my Pa. my Pop, it really. really is!' what a wuss!" which was when they came to a sudden stop; this was the end of the tunnel and in the wall which faced them was a metal door, with a bell-push and a spy-hole – no way to use the rubber finger here. but Hyman pressed the button and they heard a chime from behind the door; it took maybe thirty seconds for the door to open and there was Morrie Micklewhite, in his Security uniform, with a clipboard; while the others were nearly laughing with relief, he glanced at the list on his board, then asked: "Doctor Mengele?" and Kaplan confirmed, "Nurse Grese?" this time Sadie nodded, "and Nurse Volkenrath?" Rose Mitnik said "yes," they were ushered inside and Morrie indicated they were to follow him, and they all walked to a lift, beside which were two doors: "those are the changing rooms, put your put your own clothes and personal property into a locker, there are shelves of scrubs on the wall opposite, you should find a set to fit; remember, no cell-phones, watches, ipads or any other communication devices to be taken upstairs, leave everything in the locker, including hand-bags and wallets; you have 10 minutes to change and come out, then I will take you up to the ICU," and he indicated the blue door for Kaplan, pink for Sadie and Rose; and in less than 10 minutes, all three joined him in the lift; "no talking," he whispered to Hyman, indicating with his eyes cameras high on the walls, then the lift came to a smooth stop and the doors slid open, allowing them to enter a sterile environment, where they were greeted by a jovial doctor and two nurses who gave them a brief report: "good morning Doctor, Nurses, welcome to the Presidential Suite," Doctor Abrahamson chuckled, it's been a quiet night; before the girls show you the equipment, I'll just mention that we are fortunate to have Super Duper Extra Triple Fast Wi Fi here and a 36" tv in the Staff Room," he indicated a door to his right, "so I'm sure you'll have time to catch up with any shows or games you've missed over the past while, all well with the patient, sats normal, everything functioning, all monitors are showing steady stasis," and Brenda ad Joyce ran over the various monitors and machines which surrounded a body on a hospital bed in the middle of the room, and a human brain floating in fluid in a glass jar from which electrical cables ran to various devices around it; when all the protocols had been observed, they prepared to take their leave; "have a good shift," said Doctor Abrahamson and with that, he and the nurses entered the lift where Morrie was ready to take them down; and now they have a chance to properly look around and see for themselves just what is happening here and who the patient really is!

(by MissTeriWoman)


A mammothrept was mincing down the avenue one day
Oblivious to every passer by.
For he was planning mischief, and in his thought was lost
Until a mannequin, he there did spy.
Quite apropos of nothing
In the winking of an eye,
The fiendish brat did form a cunning plan.
I shall unpick its bombast
And leave it there unstuffed.
Am I not a naughty little man
(by YorkieBooth)


A mommothrept went out to roam
To see what he could ruin,
And passing windows near his home
He stopped to have a viewing;
A mannequin he saw inside,
So, apropos of that, 
He dashed onlookers to one side
And went to grab her hat;
However, one observer spoke
In bombastic ostentation
"He's the type of impious folk
Who now corrupt our nation!"
(by OldRawgabbit)
The Quandary for Saturday, September 30, 2017 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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