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Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


Now, as it happens, as, indeed, it usually if not always happens, the girls referred to in those Limericks or, as the Germans more aptly call them: fünfzeiligehumorvolleStrophedieauf-


were all Nowmembers of the Troupe who worked out of the Pink Van, and it, perchance, was parked just around the corner where the Wild Bunch or Wildbündel as the Nazis referred to them, had paused to catch their breath and have a smoke and so to plan their next action; fortunately, one of those said Ladies, had stepped around the corner from where the Van was parked and thus encountered her friends and their companions, and so it was only a matter of a few moments for the escapees to enter the shelter of the Pink Van and take their ease while Sebastoline, who doubled as the driver, took the Van by a circuitous route to the Safe House where the ladies rested when not at work; thus, although their pursuers knew the identities of some of the Wildbündel, it was as if they had vanished into thin air, and while the entire machinery of Himmler's SS and the Gestapo were scouring the city for any sign of Prince Hubertus of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, his wife, Princess Brunnhilda (former spouse of Count Baldur von Machfleine who, accompanied by his batman, Dietrich Doopeltag, was also 'on the run' and in hiding in Berlin) and the Bulgarian Assassin Vlado Chernozemski, the Nazi machine was untracked by the seemingly impossible disappearance of the lot of them; indeed Himmler, kicking his heels on the sidewalk outside the Restaurant, saw, but never noticed, the Pink Van driving past, splashing his boots as it coursed through a puddle, although he did spot a Surrey with a fringe on top, driven by a pretty young woman and screamed to Heydrich: "stoppen Sie diesen Surrey mit der Franse an der Spitze!" which Heydrich immediately did, dragging the young woman out and presenting her to his superior, who asked her name and business; "Elisabeth Mühlau, if it please you, sir, Heil Hitler! just driving home from work, sir, Heil Hitler!" she said humbly, lowering her eyes with a modesty that piqued Himmler's interest: "do you know who I am, child?" her enquired, and was rewarded with a small nod: "oh, yes sir, you are Reichsfuhrer-SS Heinrich Himmler, sir, if you please, sir, Heil Hitler!" and he smiled, seeming to Heydrich as if he had forgotten of their urgent search for the escaped traitors, but Himmler gave his Deputy no heed, and put his hands on the girl's shoulders: "and what work do you do for the Fatherland, and The Party, my dear?" he asked, and she replied timidly: "Heil Hitler, sir, I wash dishes at Gestapo Headquarters, sir, if you please, and I dry them also, sir, Heil Hitler!" and Himmler clapped his hands with delight, then turning to Heydrich, said: "we need a new Washer/Dryer at SS Headquarters, why should the Gestapo have all the best modern conveniences? fix it!" then drew the girl to his side: "you will not always labour in the kitchens, dear child, we have Great Work in mind for enthusiastic and adventurous girls like you, Frauleine Mühlau, a Glittering Future of Universal National Socialism," and he looked up at the cloudy sky and with his hands sketched what lay beyond: "the Fuhrer has spoken with Party Member Number 5,738,692 Dr von Braun and predicts that before the end of this Century, our Standard shall flutter over the finest cities on that windswept silvery Moon, and all the planets of the Solar System shall be united in the Greater German Reich: Criminals and Deviants will labour on the hot surface of Mercury, mining precious metals needed here; German Engineers will harness the immense power of Venus' Volcanoes to provide unprecedented amounts of energy among the inhabited planets; Party Tourists will be able to explore the Wonders of the Great Canals of Mars, and watch our Archaeologists uncover the truth about our own Human origins; in the Asteroid Belt we shall create a complex of Laboratories, Engineering and Manufacturing Facilities, Tourist Lodges and Transportation Hubs, while beyond, Jupiter is mainly gaseous, but it's Moons are suitable for Human settlement, as a staging post for the Outer Limits; Saturn is not conducive to human habitation but Titan, it's larger Moon, appears to have a breathable atmosphere; what lies beyond is for exploration in the next century, our ambitions at present are for what we can and will achieve in this: the Fuhrer is quite specific on that, but I fear I am becoming tendentious, this is a hobby-horse of mine and I am known to get carried away on it, come, come, you tremble with the cold, whose vehicle is this you were driving?" and she answered politely and deferentially: "my uncle Hans Holdermann's, may it please you, sir, Heil Hitler!" and he batted her words away, "you can drop the Heil's for the evening my dear; Heydrich! take that vehicle back to Frauleine Mühlau's uncle, Hans Holdermann, and be in my office at 8am sharp with a report of the searches tonight - I want them all rounded up by you, yourself, personally, Heil Hitler!" and as his Deputy climbed in and started the Surrey, Himmler ushered the girl to his own Staff Car and told the driver to take them to a quiet hotel he often used for private meetings, for he really wanted to get to know this young girl better and tell her lots of fascinating things about the Fuhrer's Plan for The Universe and perhaps even let her see his copy of Old Adolf's Almanac for 1940! now that was sure to open her eyes in wonder! but most of all he wondered if he could create her as Svengali created Trilby, but Svengali was a Jew, so no, that analogy would not do, but what about Henry Higgins in Pygmalion, turning Eliza Doolittle, a Covent Garden Flower Girl into a Lady, yes much more apt, forget that George Bernard Shaw was a Socialist, a fan of Stalin, but he had in fact praised the Fuhrer in 1933, so he couldn't be all bad, yes, that was settled, he would mould Frauleine Elisabeth Mühlau and create the Ideal National Socialist Woman, a Model or Standard for the Future and the Greatness of The Reich, and himself, Heinrich Himmler!

(by MissTeriWoman)


Many years ago, when I lived in Surrey - in Guildford to be precise - I would wander the streets every Saturday morning to windowshop, and on one occasion I was approached by a woman selling almanacs who endeavoured to persuade me that my future was written in the stars and that I needed to untrack my current evil destiny and align with the supposed astrological blessings she vowed were contained in her book. However, I replied that all her beliefs were but a tendentious fantasy intended to make money out of the gullibility of passersby, at which point she cast a spell on me with several blasphemous oaths and then let me proceed on my way.

(by OldRawgabbit)
The Quandary for Wednesday, October 11, 2017 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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