Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


Assiduous readers will be well aware that Elisabeth Mühlau later volunteered for service in a concentration camp and became an Aufseherinnen in 1941, when she was 22, first at Ravensbrück and then Auschwitz, where she met SS-Rottenführer Heinz Volkenrath, who had worked there since 1941 as SS-Blockführer and married him; she had early on demonstrated a ready talent for the sadistic tendencies valued among SS guards and was later promoted and transferred to Belsen-Bergen where she was captured by the British Army in April 1945; prosecuted at the Belsen Trials she was convicted and condemned to death, but by the expedience of slipping her guards on the 13th of December on her way to be hanged by Albert Pierrepoint (a slip which was covered up by the British Occupying Force because it would be too embarrassing to admit) she emigrated with Irma Grese, another escaped former SS guard – someone must have been looking the other way that day – to the USA under false papers (where both are still hiding out in their adopted names of Lulu Finckelmann and Lola Goldstein respectively, joint proprietresses of the Washington DC American Diner favoured by Hyman Z Kaplan, Sadie Moskowitz and Rose Mitnick); but let us turn back the clocks (to employ one of President Donald Duck Trumpet-Trousers' favourite ways of dealing with difficult situations) and see what happens on that fateful night when, alone in Berlin with Heinrich Himmler, Elisabeth's fate becomes sealed with his! it was the merest chance which brought her thus, the chance which, added to genetics and environment, make us who – or what – we are; hitherto, Elisabeth had been a Child-minder, until she lost the child she was supposed to be minding! a Trainee hairdresser – she swept the shorn locks which had fallen on the floor, but inadvertently emptied them into a hat-box containing a new human-hair wig! then she had been a Trainee veterinary assistant but when trimming the shaggy curls on a Stud-Poodle accidentally snipped off more than curls, thus rendering the Poodle no further employment at the Stud; which is how she came to be a washer/dryer at Gestapo Headquarters – she had not smashed any plates bearing the likeness of Der Fuhrer, yet; and it was only by the faintest happenstance that she was driving her Uncle's Surrey that evening – well, when she calls him her Uncle, it's rather stretching a point, for he is not strictly speaking her Uncle, only a neighbour, but he has always liked to sit her on his knee and for her to tell him what she has been doing, confessing her sins, he called it, for which he gave her penance – which was, for him, the best and really the only purpose of these sessions – ever since she was about eight or nine years old and my, she fairly lapped it up; and after the castration episode, he suggested to Elisabeth's parents that she should come with him to Berlin, where he had obtained a position as a Security Guard at Gestapo Headquarters and put in a few good words about his 'niece' and she idolised him so, when Himmler threw himself on the bed and invited her to join him – there was no chair – she saw a resemblance in him to Uncle Hans who also wore a black uniform and she had long learned, over the past eleven or twelve years, to obey, so she did; now, this is not the place for indulgence in an episode of mise en abyme, nor even self-indulgent ratiocination, and not even an anthology – although much has been written which could be included – of the sexual mores of the Leadership of the Nazis and the capricious whims which often overtook them during the preparations for War, and which ebbed and flowed almost in inverse ratio to their military successes and failures, culminating in the urgent and frenetic couplings, regardless of gender, among the inhabitants of the Bunker in the last months and weeks – suffice it only to say that they were soon so closely entwined, as interdigitated as the fingers of two hands clasped so tightly as to be almost inseparable; but let us draw a veil over their sweaty writhing, for we are not voyeurs and have much more edifying sights to see!

(by MissTeriWoman)


She wrote the book, but I admit,
On reading, I despised it;
It sold as an anthology
But that did not describe it,
For self-aggrandisement was there
With scant ratiocination -
Mise en abyme was all her scheme
Through individuation;
Her id and ego (which were vile),
She interdigitated
Through mise-en-scène in obvious style
And unsophisticated;
Thus, for my pains in purchasing
A book so weak and shallow,
I ended up abjuring she
Who formerly I'd hallow.
(by OldRawgabbit)
The Quandary for Thursday, October 12, 2017 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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