Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


And there was little Mr Savile Row, in waistcoat and shirt-sleeves rolled up, a green eyeshade on his forehead and the usual benign smile with which he was wont to greet Contributors to the QQ - "oh, my!" he cried, obviously delighted with the arrivals: "two at once, I wait all day for a knock at the door and when it comes it brings double the joy, come in, come in. have you already met or did chance deliver you at the same time? a Gentleman's Gentleman and a Mystery Woman! such an honour, do take seats if you can find any, forgive the untidiness, I beg you, it's all at sixes and sevens with Mr Rudge's unavoidable absence so near to Press and only poor old me to steer the ship between Scylla and Charybdis and several of my little ones in bed with the Colic and their dear Mamma all a-dither and I must say my Ma-in-Law, Saint though she be is not very much practical help, but the older children, God Bless them, are quick and nimble and ever willing to help, thank the Lord 'tis a school-holiday today and they will manage well enough in my absence, you see, my dear Miss Somerville, I have my Faith to support me, even through the Slough of Despond, and Ascent of Adversity yet to be attempted, but Hey Tiddly Ho, you are not here to hear the catalogue of my woes and I should consider the day itself Blessed when I see you, for you are as a ray of sunshine between the dark clouds that ever gather around me, what have we here?" and he accepted the little sheaf of paper which Theresa had taken from her bag and handed to him with a smile: "another of your expositions on the Foolishness of Men, or The Law, or The Church, or The Government, or The Monarchy, or The World in General? for your Palette is as wide as the Empire and your interest as deep as the Ocean and oh! your very Wrath is endogenous and not merely adopted as a current fad or fashionably polemical style, so woe betide any one or any thing that your critical eye lights upon – I tremble at the thought that you might at some time turn your gaze upon the Publishers and Purveyors of News and Nonsense such as we humble Editors and Journalists," so he offered them a cup of tea, which both accepted and as he set to boil a kettle and find some tea-leaves in an old battered caddy and flush out some reasonably clean cups from inside a wicker hamper, Theresa said: "when you describe me, dear Mr Row, as A Mystery Woman am I being over-sensitive when I discern the possibility of another such?" and the cups rattled on their saucers when the little man blushed and stammered: "by no means, Miss Somerville, another? no, no! rest assured that there is only One MissTeriWoman known to this establishment, and she is the one standing here now!" said with a neat bow of his head, and he turned back to the kettle; "and may I enquire," said Theresa, "at what stage is the next issue?" and Mr Row bobbed and looked over his shoulder: "why on the backstretch, Miss Somerville, we should be sending it to the Printers at the close of business today, God Willing! all the submissions have been read, checked, counted and collated and with any luck, all should be typeset by the middle of the week, proofed then printed before Friday is out, which just leaves distribution to be done over the weekend, you indeed can expect to have your in your fair hand by Friday evening or Saturday morning at the very latest, as should Mr Doubleday, smiling vaguely in the general direction of the Gentleman's Gentleman, who had not yet uttered a word; for he stood next the door, seemingly an idle or indolent sort of a person, but now he gave Mr Row a sharp look and asked: "is the editorial standard of a satirical journal such as QQ observed in the same attention to detail and adherence to factual diligence as one might justly expect from an educational tome such as, well, for example: A Young Person's Guide to The Lives of the Saints, or Dinner-table Manners and After-Dinner Witticisms and Humorous Sayings of the Christian Fathers? or would that be a demand beyond one's means? and Mr Row laughed and shook his head with the air of one long familiar with the competing demands of Contributors, Printers, Censors and the Public: "first, Mr Doubleday, if you could only see the state of some of the essays which land on our door-mat every day of the week and which it is the responsibility of Mr Rudge and myself to read and assess – and we pride ourselves that every word is read by at least one of us, and frequently both – with their misspellings, factual inaccuracies, crossings out, ellipses, vulgarities and profanities, you would judge us more leniently than I think you are inclined to do; we needs must winnow the chaff from the wheat and even then, it may be necessary to apply corrections ourselves if we are to maintain some degree of topicality, for if we send a piece back to it's original author with a request that he or she attend to the 15, or 30 emendations required to bring the piece up to the Editorial Standards we aim to abide by, it is entirely possible that by the time it is returned to us corrected, the Issue over which it's author has toiled and laboured may be a historical footnote in A Child's History of Great Britain and her Dominions Around the World as told by Music Hall Comedians in Bristol or Hartlepool, if you get my drift," and Mr Doubleday bowed with an extravagant flourish: "thankyou, my dear Mr Row, I apologise for any unintentional criticisms of yourself and your colleague, Mr Rudge, which my enquiry may have implied; I do not envy you your task, and as a token of my esteem, may I offer yourself and Miss Somerville, a French Fancy?" and he opened a box which contained six of these colourful cakes and at the sight of which both the Partner in the Publication, and one of it's celebrated Authors purred with delight and each reached out a hand to select one for themselves, and the three sat down to drink their tea and eat their cakes with a sense of mutual regard and co-operation!

(by MissTeriWoman)


My father laboriously turned page after page of the psychology tome he'd acquired, then told me, "I consider the sin of gambling to be less of an endogenous affectation and more of a learned behaviour." I turned away for a moment from watching the Epsom Derby on TV, as it turned out, just at the moment the favourite fell on the backstretch. "This is just the kind of adversity that occurs whenever horse racing is involved" he said with a smug smile.

(by OldRawgabbit)
The Quandary for Saturday, October 21, 2017 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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