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Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


And Professor Sir Pontypine MacFarlane paused, allowing his eyes to roam over the faces of the eight girls in his Study Group, before asking: "can anyone tell me of the origin of the feud between the two half-brothers, Comrades Matzfalinkov and Dubledey, at the height of the October Revolution, which sowed the seeds of the much greater feud between Trotsky and Stalin, culminating in Trotsky's banishment from the USSR?" and waited, watching the cogs turning, until little mousey Ethel le Neve who, though she bore the same name, had none of her grandmother's looks, or reputation as a femme fatale, held up her little hand tentatively: "please, Sir, I believe it was the contradiction between Matzfalinkov's father's pursuit of ecotopia on his Estates, which the son tried to propound as a basis for a Bolshevik Vision of Land Reform, which was the title of Perkoff's University Thesis and triggered the Agrarian Anarchist Movement's surge in popularity among the Peasants," she paused for his response, during which time he was thinking that she was actually quite pretty, in a waif-like Leslie-Caronesque way, definitely a submissive, unlike the stellar fireworks he so enjoyed with Gloriana Gillyfeather, but which brought out his avuncular, fatherly side, and he could imagine sitting with her curled up on his lap, in his book-lined study at 23 Railway Cuttings and how good it would be to enjoy her docility, for she certainly wouldn't say Boo to a Goose! and he nodded encouragingly for her to continue, much to the obvious annoyance of Gloriana: "well, as I understand it, Sir, Darcus Dubledey certainly nursed a grievance for the way in which his mother was sent packing, with her five-year-old son, from Count Petrov Matzfalinkov's Estate simply because a new and younger kitchen-maid had caught his eye, and Dubledey argued that the Bolshevik Vision of Land Reform was in fact a means whereby the great landowners of Russia would retain their Estates while the ownership was supposedly transferred to the Agrarian Soviets, because the Theory advanced a structure by which Land Ownership was separated from Land Use, so that the Soviets would in reality be no more that Tenant Farmers, and Trotsky sided with his step-son, while Stalin readily accepted his protégé’s arguments!" and she took the first breath since she had started speaking, which intrigued MacFarlane and he wondered how for long she could hold her breath and if she would be a good subject for erotic asphyxiation? "well," he said, "Parkoff Matzfalinkov while a distant cousin of mine, was assuredly a blowhard, but he was also a qualified Agronomist, who had been brought up witnessing the successes of his father's social and agricultural experiments, so we should not be too quick to dismiss his proposals; and though it cannot be gainsaid that Darcus Dubledey may indeed have had personal reasons for opposing his half-brother's Thesis and advancement within the Bolshevik hierarchy, he was well-versed in Marxist-Leninist arguments against private land-ownership and saw clearly that the private ownership of land which represents Capital vis-a-vis the feudal conditions whereby the vast majority of Peasants were in actual fact simply Serfs, working the land for the Landowner's benefit, and represented Labour, could not be equitably served by the conditions proposed by Matzfalinkov; and this rather critical dissent, which was to put those two charismatic Bolsheviks, Stalin and Trotsky – who, of course had originally been a Menshevik, which the Georgian always held against him, like the diametrical opposite of a Get Out of Jail Free card, and whenever a dispute between them got heated, was wont to throw in: 'once a Menshevik . . . . .' and leave the unspoken words simmering in the smoke-filled room – head-to-head and petitioning Lenin for a definitive decision! and can you comment on the Baked Potato?" and Ethel felt as if all the air had been sucked out the room along with the other girls and that she was unable to focus on anything other than the kindly, encouraging, face of her Tutor, and was sure that he must, must! must! must! feel exactly the same!

(by MissTeriWoman)


Oh my, the fireworks went off long and loud
When I called that blowhard bimbo vain and proud,
She boasts her mansion is like heaven on earth
She constantly reminds us of her monetary worth
And when this stellar being offers a helping hand
You'd think ecotopia was hers alone to command.
(by OldRawgabbit)
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