Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


"Oh, yes, sir," cried Miss le Neve, in a very pretty voice which he could imagine issuing from her very pretty lips when he thrust himself deep into her very pretty quim back in the bedroom of his rooms at 23 Railway Cuttings, East Cheam, and he gazed at her as she continued, not noticing the dirty looks from Gloriana Gillyfeather, who had been his nightly companion for the past two months: "the Baked Potato Schism, or in Russian, Запеченный картофель раскол, resulted from a heated debate between Comrade Parkoff Matzfalinkov and Comrade Darcus Dubledey in an Inn in Petrograd at the beginning of November 1917, in the Julian Calender still used in Russia then; it had been suggested by a throwaway remark by Comrade Stalin earlier in the day, but Dubledey seized upon it as an exemplar of the fallacy of the Private Land Ownership Model in his half-brother's Thesis," she paused and her eyes locked on Professor Sir Pontypine MacFarlane's and seemed to him to promise her complete submission to his dominant Mastery, he put a hand in his trouser pocket, to restrain the rising of his Passion: "and how did Dubledey use the Baked Potato as a symbol of what would happen if Matzfalinkov's proposals were implemented?" she blushed, just the faintest pink of a morning rose across her cheeks, and he wondered how on Earth he had ever considered her mousey, dowdy, plain? for now as he watched her face, he saw a perfectly formed subject, far worthier of his intentions than the empty vessel which was Gloriana – oh yes, she made plenty of noise, screaming as he thrust deeper, screaming when his torrent burst forth, screaming when her own orgasms caused her to jerk and shudder – without any variation in her features, or her voice; how on earth could he have considered Gloriana beautiful, with her barmaid's bosoms and her heaving haunches? she was commonplace, where Ethel le Neve was a true Diamond, uncut perhaps, but that was his duty, to show the different facets of her form and allow her to reflect the brilliance of his Light; but Miss le Neve was speaking again: "Dubledey said that the form of Peasant Soviets being proposed by his half-brother, which kept ownership of the vast Estates in the hands of the present Land-Owners, who would be responsible for their maintenance, for the roads and tracks and villages and churches and other erections," he could not help but smile at the word, it showed him that she knew, she knew how he felt about her, what he intended to do to her, with her, for her, and she consented, oh she really is too good to be true, and yet she is true; he listened as she continued: "in return for which they would receive a Commission; the Peasant Soviets would work the land, tend the crops and livestock, dig the ditches, fertilise," he could only with difficulty restrain Passion in it's place with the hand in his pocket, for she kept using such provocative words, and he adored her for it, "receiving payment from the sale of that produce which went to market, less what fed them and their families, and Dubledey said it was a concept of Marxist History which only a Ruritanian Romantic would understand, which ignored the progress of Society from Feudalism to Capitalism, from Capitalism to Socialism, and from Socialism to Communism," and MacFarlane nodded, then asked, "what did Dubledey argue was incorrect about it?" and when she smiled his heart soared: "he pointed out that it was like giving someone a baked potato, but saying they could only have the skin, that the flesh belonged to you; the Potato represented the Land put to agriculture, but the Peasants would only benefit from the produce of the Land, which was the skin, while the Land itself, like the flesh of the potato, remained the property of the Landowner, in perpetuity; he argued that Matzfalinkov's Thesis was neither Bolshevik nor Marxist for it still kept the Peasants enslaved and did not recognise that Land is Capital nor describe the Land Issue to progress to the Capitalist State of Society; he drew comparisons with Jingoism, the popular expression of xenophobia, which is used by the Tsar, the Kaiser, the King of England, to stir up his People to take arms and fight for the benefit only of their Ruler against his cousins, turning a Family Squabble into the annihilation of an entire generation of young men!" and the Professor nodded sagely, "and how was the dispute resolved? not in the long term, for you have said it became the kernel or nub of the longer-term feud between Trotsky and Stalin, but on that fateful day?" and she was ready for this, oh yes, she would ever be ready for him, he knew it in his waters: "well, according to the only witness who wrote an account of the argument, Mlle Rosa Khatcha-Blanquette, a Russo-French journalist who was the mistress of Dubledey," and she stared directly at him, yessss! and fluttered her eyelashes, involuntarily he grasped Passion through the fabric of his trouser pocket, thankful that he was seated behind his desk, and coughed, "yes," he prompted, and she spoke with a fine rising cadence: "Comrade Dubledey raised the potato and cried out: The Land is Russia, it belongs to the People!" and seeing a bonfire in close proximity, hurled the potato deep into the flames, casting shower of sparks into the air and roaring: Death to Exploiters of the Peasants! Death to Bourgeois Liberals! Death to Ruritanian Apologists!" which was when his half-brother, Comrade Matzfalinkov punched him in the eye and their brawling was only broken up by a group of roistering Sailors and Soldiers!" at which Miss le Neve sat down and grinned broadly: "it seems your distant cousin was rather upset by Comrade Dubledey's response to his Bolshevik Vision of Land Reform, sir," and Professor Sir Pontypine MacFarlane smiled back at her, as if they were the only two people present: "indeed yes, he was apparently quite a blowhard, and. for the record, as they both had the same father, Count Petrov Matzfalinkov, Comrade Dubledey was also a distant cousin of mine – excellent work Miss le Neve, or may I call you Ethel?" at which Gloriana Gillyfeather slammed her books on her own desk and made a dramatic exit from the room: "I think that's enough for the afternoon, girls," said MacFarlane, you can leave now, but Ethel, if you have a moment, I can give you a list of further source material you might find interesting . . . . . now, where is it? oh good golly, I do believe I've left it at home, in my other attaché case, I really didn't expect to need it today or, to be truthful, I really didn't expect that one of you would be quite so advanced in your Course Work, Ethel, you have done a lot of good research, let me compliment you on that, and shown a commendable degree of initiative, more than your peers, if you won't repeat that outside this room . . . . . actually, I don't suppose? no, you will have other things to do, but, if not, would you like to pop round to my place and I can give you the stuff I want to, I have my car and I can run you home afterwards, what do you say?" and she was too overwhelmed by gratitude, surprise, confusion, but most of all, the sheer wonderment that Professor Sir Pontypine MacFarlane should be so impressed with her work and really, really, really, secretly delighted and bowled over and could only say: "oh, yes, please, thankyou, sir, whatever you say!"

(by MissTeriWoman)


A bold ruritanian hero
Was planning a walk in sub-zero;
A bonfire he made 
And thereby delayed
The death of a cold polar bearo.
But with their proximity fixed   
The bear and the hero then mixed
The bear came off badly
The hero left sadly
No longer on exploits transfixed.
That hero became an M.P.
A redblooded patriot was he;
And so jingoistic
And thus egotistic
They threw him back into the sea.
(by OldRawgabbit)
The Quandary for Wednesday, November 15, 2017 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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