Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


Now, with their restricted view, on the floor of the truck's cabin, and the breviloquence of the pair of men whose cocks they were sucking and who barely uttered a word beyond: "that's good," or "don't stop." or "harder, hunny," or "faster, I'm cumming!" the girls couldn't know where their journey was taking them, and even if they could have guessed, they wouldn't know why this particular swing North-East would take them into Canada and on to Nova Scotia; and if they had discovered that Nova Scotia was the first destination, they still couldn't possibly have guessed why, because the reason is wedged firmly into the Presbyterian history and culture of the first Scots emigrants to this rocky outcrop off the coast of the former British Colony which had gained it's own independence, like Quebec and the other provinces when, following USexit – or as the fiercely secessionists called simply Sexit – Canada too became dislocated: they were a reticent people, living a hard existence against nature and the elements, just as their forbears had on the Western fringe of Europe, and like their ancestors, they were close-mouthed, holding the community's common thread and shared history to themselves, keeping secrets close and hidden from view; so, what if the Rev. McAlpine liked to diddle wee laddies on his knee, hadn't all boys been diddled and weren't they all none the worse for it? and if Maister McMuckle at the School gave extra tuition to wee lassies after the class had been dismissed, wasn't that just the way it had ever been, and it had never prevented wee lassies growing into wives and mothers just as their own mothers had proved and theirs before them, so wasn't it just as it had aye been? and if The Laird still picked out the prettiest wee laddies and lassies to decorate the Big Hoose when his friends came for Shooting Weekends, well, that was just the perquisite of being The Laird and these customs had been handed down from time immemorial and wha daured meddle wi Custom? and if, every now and again, a Special Delivery of fresh meat was brought to the remotest, most traditional communities, still Gaelic-speaking and with a cold shoulder for the prying eyes of the Polis, who'd be better-off keeping law-and-order in the cities where everyone knew drugs and drink and danger roamed the streets than bothering God Fearing Christians, well, it meant more small hands could be put to good use on the Crofts – mucking out the unguligrades' byres, collecting eggs, and milking, for starters – and at the fishing and eased some of the burden the bairns of the community had to carry; the newcomers were distributed according to where there was room and need of them, paperwork discreetly back-dated their arrivals and gave them new names among their new brothers and sisters and in the coming weeks and months they would learn the language, the lore and the lustiness of ther new home, quickly forgetting that they had ever lived anywhere else, as their diet adjusted to porridge and bannocks and oat-cakes, mince and tatties, herring and mutton pies, and an early introduction to uisge-beatha aided the stultification of their minds! and the girls probably wouldn't have made the logical connection between this, socially backward, no matter how technically up-to-date it was. almost insulated region of Nova Scotia and the people-smuggling Ring of Gold and Doubleday Trucking Corps transport infrastructure which serviced it and the fact that the Laird of the local McMafia Clan was indeed the McCapo of the whole shebang, presently – as Christmas 2037 fast approaches and the newcomers will be just in time to swell the number of extras available for the Nativity Play – languishing in the less salubrious accommodation of the Bronx Courthouse, Sir Parlane MacFarlane himself!

(by MissTeriWoman)


My new-found friend, Swashbuckler
(New Jersey, USA)
Was hired by the Old Folks Club
For the yearly Nativity play.
They admired his breviloquence,
His musical talents, too,
That calmed the unguligrade animals
They'd booked from the local zoo.
But then he stultified his act
(T'was more than they could bear)
By playing Fear's "F*#& Christmas"
While swigging down root beer.
(by OldRawgabbit)
The Quandary for Tuesday, December 19, 2017 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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