Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


Now, as it happens, China Blue and Flora-Dora had spent much of the 18-hour journey on their knees, with their mouths full and no opportunity to exeleutherostomize, and apart from two stops, off-highway, in quiet, almost generic, countryside, with grass and trees and blue sky and nothing to help identify or locate the spots which were almost identical though eight hours separated them, spent much of the rest recumbent in the well-appointed travelling bunkroom behind the cab, taking it in turns to accommodate the non-driver for whose rest periods the quarters were intended – although neither driver seemed to need rest in any conventional sense, preferring recreation with his personal bouncy-castle – and so had no awareness of the Shangri-La their journey had reached when Jesse, who had been in the passenger seat for the last 50 miles, pulled his cock out of China's mouth and grinned down at her: "journey's end, Doll! this is where you get out," and he opened the door and climbed out first, then in a surprisingly gallant act, helped her climb down and sat her on the bottom step, aware that her legs would be wobbly after her hours kneeling and ministering to his manhood; on the other side of the truck, Ralph had caught Flora as she stumbled down from the cab and then walked her around to join the others; China glanced around and saw a group of men hurrying towards the back of the trailer, but had no idea what was happening there, until she saw the first children emerge, staring around the place in wonder, amazement and, probably, fear; a nurse, in uniform, was with them, handing a medicine box to one of the men, before she said goodbye in several languages to the children and walked jauntily towards what seemed to be an office building adjacent to a large warehouse, with loading bays; there was a high wall around the entire complex and from her low eye-level, China could see nothing of the outside world; she wanted to ask where this was, but didn't want to risk her or Flora's safety by being nosey; after all four had smoked a cigarette, Ralph told the others to wait while he followed the nurse into the office, and China watched the group of men leading the children, who seemed to be aged between seven and 13 or 14, towards a small car park, where an assortment of vehicles, mostly SUVs and a few station wagons stood; the children, and China counted sixteen of them, both boys and girls, were shared out one or two to a vehicle and when all were stowed away, the men shook hands with each other and, each climbing into a different vehicle, drove away, passing through a large gate which automatically closed behind them; after the continual hum and roar of free-way traffic, the place was almost silent, apart from the sounds of gulls, high in the sky: "smells like the sea-side," said Flora and suddenly China caught the salty tang in the air and nodded: "the fuck knows where, though," which was when a man, smoking a cinnamon stick, came round the cab and faced them: "so ye're the twa stowaways. eh?" he asked, with something of a leer, "welcome tae MacFarlane Coonty, like as no, this'll be yer new hame fer some time; the laird's been detained be business in Gotham City, whaur ye've cam fae, but am his Factor, so ah'll be takin ye tae MacFarlane Castle – it's no quite as grand as the name suggests, mair a muckle Huntin Lodge, but ye'll be comfortable enough and there'll be plenty o opportunity tae show us whit ye can dae: there's a noo Pairty arrivin the morn's morn fer a shootin weekend an ah ken fine they'll be mair than happy tae pit ye through yer paces, bit till then, ah'll lift ma kilt an enjoy the only real perk o ma joab: first dibs wi the new hoors, so come oan – nae luggage? ach, that's as weel, we like tae dress the sluts oor ain wey, we've goat stannars tae maintain, the Laird likes tae promote wur service as All-Inclusive and that requires a kind o Corporate Identity which wud be marred be the cumdumps wearin claes that didn'y match wur advertisin – ye'd be surprised at hoo some fowk quibble ower shite like that, so, here's ma wheels, climb in and we'll be aff. ye'll no see Ralphy an Jesse agen, which am mindin ye'll no be fashed aboot, an in fact, ye'll no be gaun awey eether – this is yer noo hame, get used tae it!" and with that he climbed into the driver's seat, pulled back his kilt to show a large, erect cock, and told China, sitting beside him, to "mind ye dinnae spill ony on the terten, ma wife dusnae like tae hae ta wash it oot evry dey, sez the furst joab a whoor should learn is hoo tae swally!" and off they drove towards who knows where and who knows what future?

(by MissTeriWoman)


My recent trip to Shangri-la
(And I exeleutherostomize)
Was less than paradisiacal
Though pleasant to the eyes
It smelled of cinnamon pastries there
And no recumbency anywhere!
(by OldRawgabbit)
The Quandary for Wednesday, December 20, 2017 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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