Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

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"Good evening, Milly," said the Dean as he handed his hat and coat to the young parlourmaid his wife had engaged to undertake the duties which were not carried out by the Cook and her own maid, Sibyl; she was a very pretty girl – blonde, blue eyed, and always giving the appearance of being happy to attend to the Dean; he wouldn't mind spending some leisure time with her, although there was rarely to opportunity for more than a few inconsequential pleasantries: "is Mrs Dean at home?" and she curtsied, most appealingly: "yes, Master, she is in the Parlour," he liked being called Master by her, the other servants simply addressed him as Dean; he braced himself for what he knew would be a difficult conversation, and entered the Parlour, to find his wife sitting at her desk with a number of sheets of paper spread before her: "good evening, Mrs Dean," he said softly: "dinner will be ready at six, Mr Dean," said his wife, without turning to face him: "the Archdeacons will be arriving in a few minutes and I do want you to look over the programme for tomorrow night's meeting of the Churchwomen's Guild," and he knew this was not merely a request, it was definitely an order! he sighed: "oh, my dear, I am afraid I will be unable to attend, perhaps the Archdeacon should take my place, is there anything particular I should know about?" at which Mrs Dean turned and stared at him: "you know perfectly well, Mr Dean, that Miss Helen Taylor of the London School Board will be giving a talk on The Rights of Women and the Question of Female Suffrage!" and he thought Bo-ring, Drea-ry, but said: "of course she is, and I think that the Archdeacon will be the perfect representative of the Chapter to welcome her and introduce her to the Churchwomen, he was saying to me only this afternoon how concerned he is about unjustly neglected and disenfranchised sections of the population becoming alienated from Society at and disillusioned when some officinal is applied like a sticking-plaster without any attempt to search out the root causes of their dissatisfaction, yes my dear Mrs Dean, the Archdeacon is a very wise appointment for this evening and I bow before your perspicacity," but if he thought that was the end of the matter he was sadly mistaken: "are you aware Mr Dean," asked his wife, adopting a particular tone and direction of attack he dreaded, because it usually involved something of a weltanschauung which demonstrated the pathetic and often fatuous nature of his own argument, "that the Archdeacon – pleasant enough man though he may be in matters of small consequence and his wife is one of the most dedicated members of The Guild in the Bishopric – visited St Michael's Boys Secondary School yesterday afternoon and gave a talk to the combined First Forms on the Parable of the Good Samaritan?" and the Dean was forced to admit that he had "no knowledge of this particular example of the Archdeacon's dedication to his task of spreading the Word of Our Lord throughout the area covered by the School Board, on which, of course, he is a representative of the Church and," the bit which slightly increased his confidence that his direction was not going to be exposed to the kind of jab or uppercut he could expect from his wife, "well acquainted with Miss Taylor so that his welcome of her to the meeting would be both genuine and personal, where mine own would sadly feel like a token or formality imposed on the event from, as it were, 'On High!'" and he relaxed, while his wife continued as though he had never uttered a word: "in which he referred to the traveller who had been attacked as simply 'a man down' and the various passers-by as if they were bowlers in a village cricket team: off-spinner, slow, fast, medium-pace, until one of the boys put his hand up and asked if Jesus and his Disciples were better than The Pharisees because Jesus bowled googlies and The Pharisees were hopeless batsmen and the Archdeacon didn't realise it was a joke and went on to talk about the evidence for and against the idea that cricket might have been played in the Holy Land two thousand years ago. so that the bell rang for the end of that lesson without him ever bringing the Samaritan to the aid of the stricken traveller and the boys went off talking about looking up that match in Wisden! and I fear that was simply the most recent example of him going off at a tangent and losing all contact with the purpose of his talk and the theme he was supposed to deliver!" at which the Dean said: "well the reason I hoped he would do this tomorrow is that he told me he wanted to propose to the Guild that a Ceilidh be held to mark the birthday of Robert Burns on the 25th and I felt that tomorrow evening is the only chance he would have as it is about ten days until the Anniversary and he could combine that proposal with introducing Miss Taylor to deliver her talk, don't you agreed, Mrs Dean?" and before she could answer, the Parlourmaid announced that Mrs and Mrs Churchwarden had arrived and almost immediately, the dinner gong sounded and the two couples went into the Dining Room without further mention of Miss Taylor's talk to The Guild,

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Tuesday, January 09, 2018 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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