Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


And in the room in Drury Lane, Gracie felt a strange sense of dislocation at hearing that it was little Minnie, spotty Minnie Bannister, Sadie's new maid of all work, just eleven years old, who was to be the object of these two strangers' passions; poor little Minnie, she could have no idea to what use these two men would put her: the Dean, as the older man was addressed, large, florid, avuncular, and the Curate, tall, handsome, muscular; Churchmen both, yet clearly willing to disregard the demands of their 'calling', happy – even delighted, she guessed from their expressions as they stood, both naked and unashamed to be so before the three females, to put little Minnie to service their base wants and needs; poor frangible Minnie, so small and delicate, despite her Cockney air of knowing-all; Minnie was like so much other jetsam Gracie had encountered in London, while with Sadie, in the company of officers from the Hussars, she had sauntered around like a flâneuse – abandoned women, often still trammelled with a child at the breast, offering themselves to strange men for the price of a tot of gin, or crust of bread; abandoned children, dirty, ragged, shoeless in the freezing winter, some apathetic, waiting for someone who may never come (or unsuspecting of others who would came and take them to God only knew where and to what purpose); workless, penniless men, unshaven, unwashed, homeless, with no prospects better than to freeze to death in their troubled sleep; London was a hard and cruel place, so different from her childhood home in Longformacus, and though she had now been months under Sadie's roof – or Sir Peveril's to tell the truth – had learned, been forced to learn, how to pleasure men with her mouth, while Sir P still kept her waiting for the day, surely coming soon, when he would take her own virginity; and here now, was the homiletic Dean, speaking of the privilege he and his companion, and later also Sir P and Mr W were bestowing on poor wee Minnie, by introducing her to her future life in which she would no doubt entertain and receive gifts from many, many other man, a great many men, he was sure, their number bound surely in excess of 119 which make her the ununennium, that rarest of Harlots, for it would include many Great Men, whose bounty she could look forward to receiving and benefiting from, a life far more desirable than to be a simple maid of all work, why, indeed, he was sure that she would come to learn the great honour and treasure she was coming into thanks to the kindness and generosity of her patron, this noble Scotch baronet; and if Minnie found herself in a state of ro, which Gracie recalled as a verb, but one which seemed hardly fitting for the passivity of Minnie as she sat, also naked, with a glazed look upon her face, probably understanding nothing of what the boring old fart was talking about, and that was when some inner fire was suddenly lit, within Grace's consciousness, she stood up and began to discard her won clothes: "take me, have me, I beg you Master Dean, see, I am still near as young as Minnie, yet am more shapely and fit for your intentions, would you smother this waif, when you can thrust and lunge within my charms!" and all around her, the room darkened and seemed to disappear and the faces of the four men, like white, ghostly moons, seemed to grow larger and to fill the dark, she felt groggy and thought she was maybe dying and that was when "what a Capital Idea!" cried Sir Peveril, "though I was intending to keep you for my birthday celebration in a week's time, let us use you for these two fine gentlemen's initiation into The Ring of Gold! yes, Gracie, you are right, you shall be the Vessel for their Consecration! tonight, gentlemen, shall be such a night as you will remember all your lives! now, Walter, please toss the coin and see which of our two guests shall have First Dibs!"

(by MissTeriWoman)


She strolls around town
Untrammelled by care
An aged flâneuse
With dirt in her hair;
She's groggy, unsteady,
And gnashing her gums
And says she's discovered
(by OldRawgabbit)
The Quandary for Friday, January 19, 2018 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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