Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


"Randy!" cried Fanny, stepping in front of OOsterhouse; "dear Fanny!" riposted the man, embracing her, kissing her on both cheeks and then with a smacker on the lips, "let me look at you," he held her at arms' length and looked her up and down, "such a pretty sight to warm a man's heart," he smiled, and Fanny whispered: "and warm his bed too," at which he laughed and then drew her into an embrace, "why, my dear girl, I haven't seen you for a month, or two," at which she shook her head, "a full Quarter," she said sadly, as OOsterhouse said ruefully: "business, my dear, business, it takes such a grip on a man and denies him the time for pleasure, but what are you doing here in the 'Change? this isn't your usual place of business!" and Fanny beckoned Stella and Sir Peveril to come closer: "my Uncle MacFarlane, from Edinburgh, is up for commerce, Randy, and I hoped we might find you here, he is looking for investors, but he's in the Dark, and I hoped we might catch you at this unearthly hour," the man grasped Sir P's hand in a firm shake, "unearthly for Ladies of the Night, but we Men of Business conduct our own Transactions by Day, is that not true Mr MacFarlane?" and MacFarlane, deciding not to correct the misstate, said: "indeed so, Surrr, although av bin telt ye also engage in investments which micht no welcome the licht o day," and OOsterhouse looked from Fanny to Stella and then back at MacFarlane: "so you look for an alternative to the Public 'Change, and you thought of me, eh?" and his dour face broke in a grin, "and did you see me with Dan Gurney, there? now he and his Norwich Bank may have come through the Scandal unscathed, but he is looking to recoup enough from High-Risk investments to help the others in his family who lost out; shall we adjourn to a Coffee House and you can tell me what you propose and, whether I'm in or out, I'll introduce you to Big Dangles and you can make your pitch to him also," so with Fanny to his right and Stella to his left, the man led MacFarlane to a bright and cheery establishment clearly popular with men of the 'Change, for at most tables, the eyes seemed to be so occupied with the financial papers that none turned to give any attention to the four who took a table in the corner furthest from the door; once settled and each with a cup of coffee, a stand of sweetmeats in the middle of the table, MacFarlane began to explain his idea for Amazonian Extravaganza, but was cut short by OOsterhouse who said baldly: "too much of a mouthful, if you'll forgive the expression, no innuendo intended – it's too much, you need to keep it simple, businessmen and customers like to abbreviate, so do it for them, what about Amazon? the mighty river flowing the length of the Land with it's many tributaries, is that the image you want to portray? in addition, of course to a Land full of women? for while you may have other goods, those I presume will predominate, are we talking the same language or am I losing you with my glossolalia?" at which MacFarlane thrust his hand across the table and the two men shook vigorously: "when the girls spoke to me last night of longs and shorts and discounted bills and Bull or Bear Markets, Bonds and securities, I fear I found it all too much to take in, but you, Mr OOsterhouse, cut to the chase – as Americans will say, if they don't already," and he noted the effect his words had on the financier and became his own momist, telling himself sharply to avoid these references to the future, they only drew attention and the enterprise he was launching would exist only in that dark netherworld, away from the attention and notice of respectable, Victorian Britain, with it's matronly, permanently mourning Queen; "yes, or you might describe it as a stent which will enable blood to flow throughout the body and raise the morale and heighten the pleasures of its hundreds, even thousands of customers, and I do like Amazon, for we will have a striking painting of an Amazon as our figurehead; do you know, Mr OOsterhouse, I believe that our meeting today was not chance, it was synchronicity, the fates have brought us together because together we will make Amazon the invisible commercial powerhouse of Great Britain!" and Mr OOsterhouse gave a broad wink, and said: "and another little suggestion, if I may, Mr MacFarlane? parallel with the business which will thrive under the board, might I suggest another, same name, same method and concept, sharing all of the distributive network but above the board, with a legitimate range of products aimed at customers throughout the land, in many cases, the very same people who buy from your below the board company; two sets of books, of paperwork, but employing the same couriers and depots and local agents; everyone makes money out of it – except the Taxman!"

(by MissTeriWoman)


Just because I speak in tongues
A brutal momist you've become
And for my glossolalia
You say I am a failure
But to the clinic I had gone
To get a stent, and it went wrong,
And by a synchronicity
The doctor couldn't speak to me
For he spoke only Japanese
But I could then converse at ease
He saved my life, all due to that
So say no more about my chat.
(by OldRawgabbit)
The Quandary for Tuesday, January 23, 2018 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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