Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


By this time a number of apparently regular customers had wandered in and most of the tables were taken, but a young Hispanic woman had also arrived and was doing most of the waiting, so Hyman took the opportunity of speaking with Marvin, by the Soda Fountain: "if you don't mind me asking, how did you and Sally get together?" and the younger Old Man chuckled: "is that a Gotham City way of askin how'd a old galoot like me snare someone like her? big, beautiful and black – and twenty years younger than me? well, lemme tell ya, it weren't fer ma money! her momma used to do ma Pop's accounts an when he died an Missy Liza retired, Sally took over – she'd qualified down in NY State and had set up her own Accountancy and Book-keeping business over in the County, an as it happens, not that it's anybody's business, we just hit it off: we like the same music, same movies, same cop shows, we both like walkin in the mountains, even when it's so cold yer so fundied ya can't remember how to put one foot in front o the other! hey, it was just like we was two halves and together we made a whole lotta sense, got two smart kids to prove it, and she still does the numbers for most of the small businesses in town, none of em can afford slick accountants, hell, most of their books take but an hour or so a month to keep up to date, and then when it's time to file for taxes, it's already done; she's good with numbers and cookin and looks after me real good an the kids are a credit to her; does that answer your question, Mr Hyman Kaplan of the New York Already? see, I told ya I always remember, just sometimes takes a bit longer; d'ya wanna refill?" and he indicated the coffee pot; Hyman paused in uffish thought and then asked: "whatever happened to the tightrope walker the Mayor was enamoured of?" and Marvin grinned: "well, Eulalie was her name, still is her name, she married the Sheriff and they've got three fine boys, one's a doctor at the County Hospital, the second is our present Sheriff and the third edits the Westfield County Prognosticator, our weekly noozpaper, it's been published by the same family since 1792 and it's even got an on-line edition, you ever read it? yep, Eulalie turned out to be a truly laudable wife an mom after the mayor croaked, bout the only honest thing he did – well, not that I ever knew much about him, being as I was jist a kid at the time, and with no interest in the kinda shenanigans corrupt politicians get up to," and Kaplan remembered an elderly reporter and a photographer who got the scoop of their lives when they had found the Mayor and his floozy shacked up – literally – in an old ramshackle building back of the railroad line, trying to pack suitcases with the cash the Mayor had spirited out of the town bank account belonging to the Town Council; they had been the recipients of an inside tip-off and were 5 minutes ahead of Hyman and their story hit the news-stands in New York before his own report which anyway referred to him as Our Man On The Ground, Humboldt Japman! in a story by-lined by Studs Terkel who'd never set foot in this out-of-the-way community; but Kaplan hadn't minded, really, because it gave him the chance to catch up with his Hero in the Algonquin a week later and Studs had actually shaken his hand and promised to put a word in for him with the New York Times editor, which had gotten Hyman a foot on the bottom rung of the ladder – now, he had no idea if he was still on the ladder, never mind what rung of it, but if the story he and his friends were plunging into up on Prince Edward Island proved to be half as big as they thought, it would be the perfect end to a roller-coaster of a career! "look, Marvin, I don't want to b a killjoy, it's been great meeting up with you again after all that time, but we're gonna have to hit the road, if we're going to make it before dark; I'm just gonna check the car is okay, might need to refuel soon, one of the ladies will pay, take care!" and Marvin blew him a raspberry: "nuthin changes! you never did pay for the sodas I gave you, maybe I shoulda run a tab, my old man would've made you pay before he served you, but heck, I've got more friends than he ever had, have a safe journey, Hyman, thanks for takin me down memory lane!"

(by MissTeriWoman)


The winter chill whispered, "No more of your Summer shenanigans; though laudable, now they be fundied and I a killjoy shall be."
(by YorkieBooth)


Brace up you kids and take the plunge
It's laudable and bold;
Let's have no more shenanigans
Although the water's cold;
You're fundied to the bone, you say
But be a killjoy and you'll pay
(by OldRawgabbit)
The Quandary for Tuesday, March 13, 2018 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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