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Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


Maude threw down her copy of QQ and gave a loud hachure! "bless you, dear," said Daphne, without taking her eyes from the report of St John Arbuthnot ffrench-ffortescue in her Guardian: "it wasn't a sneeze, it was a sign of irritation and exasperation, of, well, it really takes the biscuit!" snorted Maude: "what does, dear heart?" asked Daphne, fascinated by the minutiae of ff-ff's claims that on a wet December in 19-somethingorother, he had met with a Soviet mole in Novi-Sibirsk as part of a 'scheme' dreamed up by some apparatchik in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and codenamed PINGO, to assassinate Stalin with an exploding pipe! "that niece of ours!" said Maude, indicating with her thumb the general direction of the ceiling above their heads, "oh, no!" said Daphne, "which one is that, darling?" and Maude's pointing thumb more specifically aimed itself directly above Daphne's head: "that Theresa, who's supposed to be ill!" grunted Maude; and Daphne turned the page: "oh, dear, what's up with her now? we do have some responsibility for her manutention, being freelance she won't get any sick-pay if she can't work," commented my Aunt, sounding quite bored with the conversation now that it had focussed on my health; Maude took a vicious bite of toast: "she's only gone and written a piece describing that blonde buffoon Boris Johnson as an exoplanet!" and Daphne read on, refusing to be drawn, but asked: "which Boris Johnson would that be, sweetheart? the chubby boy in the butcher's shop who I do suspect sooks the sausages after he's weighed them? there is no way that a pound of pork links can lose three ounces between the bottom of the High Street and here in ten minutes! it may be that a pound of sausages would have different weights at Sea Level and the Summit of Everest but I doubt the difference between the foot of the High Street and the lofty peak of High Cross Avenue would replicate that!" but Maude was not to be put off: "the Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, of course!" she snapped back; and Daphne glanced over her glasses at her life-long companion: "oh, him!" she sighed, "the one I call Boorish Johnson? what on Earth can Theresa have found in him worth repeating in the august pages of QQ?" and Maude looked rather peevish, or perhaps liverish would be more accurate, thought Daphne to herself: "if you listened to me, dearest one, and be less ambivalent on the subject," grumbled Maude, "you would have heard me say that Theresa described him as an exoplanet!" and Daphne yawned: "in what context, my beloved?" and Maude stared hard across the breakfast table at her soul-mate: "in the context of one who orbits his own ego rather than his Prime Minister, as a loyal Foreign Secretary ought!" and this time Daphne lowered her newspaper and smiled sweetly: "and does she say where this particular exoplanet is destined?" for she had already glanced at the article when she fetched the papers from the front door earlier: but Maude continued without suspecting anything: "she says 'his own arboretum'!" and Daphne smiled wickedly: "well, my darling girl, there you have it: Hoist, one might say, by his own Petard, if that isn't too rude for this time of day, it might even be appropriate for one whose lies come so trippingly, or even, boorishly, off his tongue to recall the words of the poet – Sir Walter was it not? - what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive! eh? do you think he takes Marmite or Marmion on his toast?" and they both dissolved in cackling, Madame Defarge-like, gales of laughter!

(by MissTeriWoman)


He said he was ambivalent
On how we drew the maps:
Old hachure use was his intent
But not required, perhaps.
But yet the pingo must be sketched
For proper manutention;
Its features drawn, dimensions etched
Without misapprehension.
(by OldRawgabbit)


Map manutention required the application of hachure to the newly-sketched pingo: it was pointless being ambivalent about the various line widths. (by quilldrivel)
The Quandary for Monday, March 19, 2018 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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