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"Operation Tabarin," explained Commander Abernethy – who sometimes referred to himself as the Pasha and at others as the Sarpanch, for reasons he did not feel obliged to explain, which the others supposed to be either Naval Slang, Antarctic Blues or Snow Madness – to Bernie Cohen and the Lochs, "is an Ultra Top Secret mission intended to listerize this Continent and so prevent any of the Axis powers from using Antarctica as a refuelling base, providing, as it does, access – forgive the pun – to the Atlantic and the Pacific, but the Pacific isn't terrific and the Atlantic really isn't what it's cracked up to be!" and he grinned at his guests over the rim of his glass of Glen Fiddich: "on the rocks, you really can't drink it any other way down here, it would seem insulting to refuse, don't you agree?" the prisoners were secure in The Brig because this was an Admiralty Post and all the staff were naval personnel and it's Official Secret Name was HMS Bransfield and that Codenamed Tabarin "after a rather jolly nightclub in Paris some of us used to frequent, Sailors always being welcome, eh? the Krauts have a base in Princess Maud, which is Norwegian Territory, but the Krauts don't give a damn, so they call it New Swabia and fly a Nazi flag there; Dönitz came once, thought it would be jolly good for the Kreigsmarine U-boats, so we're here to keep them out," and Bernie asked where the German base was and the Commander laughed: "if I said it's North that would be true, just as we are North – everywhere is North of the South Pole, but it's at the other side, so far unmanned, but you can never really tell with them; they're damned good at lying low so we run spotters at times and so far we've not seen anyone, but they could be buried deep; to tell you the truth, you lot are the first intruders, and I dare say old MacPhee will be dining out for years on the story of his bravado in capturing Goering, or AKA as you call him, but as there's another Goering still going strong in Germany, I don't know how much good having this one will be; I've informed the Admiralty as per, but they're going to have to break the news to Churchill before they can advise me what do do with him; the Old Man apparently doesn't even know we're here, in fact, we weren't supposed to come without getting the nod and wink but we were getting a bit restless in Port Stanley so just decided to nose around, and once we were here and had all the necessary supplies and building materials already aboard we thought, 'why not?' so we just hopped ashore and stayed, but strictly Mum's the Word, our presence being so Hush-Hush, eh?" and that was when he said: "once they think about it, I suspect they'll want you chaps sent back with the prisoners; if, as you say, and I've got no reason to doubt you, you've come back from 1948 you ,ay well have invaluable knowledge – you've told me the war will in '45 which is still a couple of years off and I think they will want to debrief you to learn what they can about future events, maybe avoid some of the pitfalls, save a few lives, eh? obviously I can't say any more, not my decision to make, above my rank and pay-grade, and short of bumping into your old selves, there aren't any better alternatives; we can't keep you and the prisoners indefinitely, other than AKA they haven't yet committed the crimes which they fled from, so they can't be tried, but I daresay someone will put their present selves, by which I mean wherever they are right now, June '43, on a Watch List, see if they can't be nabbed for something else, eh? don't bother about answering me, just enjoy our hospitality till an escort turns up, probably from the Falklands, shouldn't be more than a couple of days once the order's given, so chat to the penguins if you like, eh? oh and Cookie's going to serve some of his version of Brunswick Stew, but made with penguin instead of squirrel, seems to be rather a shortage of squirrels this winter, hope you don't mind, eh? jolly good, tally-ho and bottoms up!"

(by MissTeriWoman)


I said, don't give me Brunswick Stew
It's made of squirrel and onion - EWW
And if you doubt I'm telling the truth:
I once had a Sarpanch tell me so.
I'd listerize it, if I were you
Unless bravado is what you do!
(by OldRawgabbit)
The Quandary for Monday, March 26, 2018 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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