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Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


And later, in the cool of the evening, Dada sought out Jakob and asked if they could take a stroll together, so, smoking as they walked, Dada told Jakob something of his childhood: "my father was a bully, my mother was his third wife and he had three children from his second marriage, and he was old enough to be my grandfather; he roared at us kids, he roared at our mother, he was a Civil Servant – a worshipful Customs Officer! but in truth he was a pig, a boar, a brute, one of those jumped-up little Napoleons who are given a uniform and a some power and use it; I loved my mother and was very close to her, her death from cancer was tragic but she bore it with the same fortitude as she had borne her life with my father; she was a devout Catholic and I suppose her Faith and Prayers brought her comfort, she never cried never blated though the pain must have been unbearable, she was stronger than me, that's for sure, but I rejected a god who could let his believers suffer so; in truth losing my mother turned me against all religion, I cannot believe in a Creator who turns his face away from the wretchedness of the lives and deaths of his creations and lacks the most basic sympathy in their times of trouble; in the absence of any Universalism, I turned my attention to Nationalism and much of time here, in Vienna, was spent in studying politics and national identities, but although I made plenty of acquaintances and associates in the German-Austrian community I confess to having no true friends and one of my greatest sadnesses is that I have lost touch with my youngest sister Paula – she is also in Vienna but our paths have never crossed in all the years we have walked the same streets, she is the one who nicknamed me Dada and she too was very close to my mother; do you think that is why I have never sought her out? because she has our mothers looks and reminds me too much of my loss? and I hope I am not going too far in raising this subject with you but in all honesty, Jakob, you and Miriam and Magda have been the first people in all my years here who have taken me into your confidence, into your lives, have treated me as a friend and an equal, have shared your food with me, have encouraged me in my art and have introduced me to ideas and concepts which are more positive than any I have encountered before; I hope you will not be offended, but apart from Doctor Bloch who treated my mother, you are the first Jew whose hand I have shaken and who I can truly say I know, and Miriam too and others in the Cabaret Voltaire group; I was downcast and you raised me up, I had lost my way and you have guided me back to my original path; all my life I have sought to become an artist, to draw and paint and represent the world around me as I see it – maybe I'm not the most insightful; the School rejected me and I blamed them, but you have shown me that there is a more constructive response and that is to use and develop my interests and talents and focus on my art rather than fulminating about the short-sightedness of the establishment, instead of focussing on people to blame for how my life was, how my country was, it's easy always to blame others, but sometimes that hatred hides the fact that it is we who must change; so I will work to become the best artist that I can be, and it is in the Der Spiegel School that I know I can grow; but more than any of that, I want to find Paula and understand myself!" and after giving himself time to reflect on Dada's story, Jakob suggested: "finding your sister will be easy enough and I have a friend who can help – he used to be a police detective but learned that the police in Austria are used to protect the Empire against it's citizens so left and became a Private detective and helps anyone who needs his help: find missing persons, recover lost or stolen property, assist citizens wrongly accused of crimes they did not commit, I will see him tonight and if you can give me a note of the last address you have I am confident that, if she is still here, Weiszmann will find her for you; as to learning more about yourself: you know that Miriam is a follower of Dr Freud?" and the younger man nodded, so Jakob continued: "speak with her, or I can do it for you if you like, for it might be worth your while to consult with him, he has great gifts of insight into those troubles of the mind which can adversely affect the lives of his patients, which doesn't mean that they are ill, but rather needing to gain an insight or an understanding of why they feel as they do, or act as they do," and when Dada said nothing, Jakob added: "where do our feelings, our thoughts and our beliefs come from? for many it is simply our experiences that separate our beliefs and views from those of the next person, but sometimes they arise from things which lie beneath our consciousness and we truly don't know why we are who we are and if Dr Freud can create a machicolation, a little window in the wall a person creates to protect their innermost being, that can produce a release - does that make any sense?" and after a moment Dada nodded: "yes, two brothers from the same family can be entirely different in their thinking and their actions, despite having the same upbringing, being exposed to the same environment, the same education and experiences, yes I can see that there must be deeper things beneath the surface and, yes, hidden from our understanding – my sister retains the Faith of our mother which I have lost, perhaps that is what I need to understand – I truly seek a reconciliation with her, perhaps a talk with Dr Freud would benefit me in that, but Jakob, I have no money, I could not afford to pay your Herr Weiszmann or become a patient of the Doctor!" at which Jakob laughed, kindly: "you forget, Dada, that you are now in employment with Cabaret Voltaire – not just that, you are a Sharer in our Co-operative; I have managed to beg, steal and borrow sufficient funds not only to finance the fabric of our nightclub, but to pay us all a wage: Miriam is handling that side of things, just as she manages the Bookstore – let us hie back to the others and see what sort of wage we are entitled to, and ask if she can arrange for the good Doctor to see you, he is man of rectitude, of great integrity and I understand that an initial consultation is free, to let the patient gauge whether he or she feels they can work with the Doctor, and give him an idea of the kind of issues he will be dealing with, and anyway, I am in need of a coffee and so, I guess are you!" and with that they turned their steps back to the Cabaret.

(by MissTeriWoman)


We visited the Keep today
And saw machicolations.
It made me think of loopholes in
The Church's veneration
Of things that are not worshipful,
Of no real reputation;
Nor moral rectitude, of late,
That only cause true saints to blate.
(by OldRawgabbit)
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