Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


Of course, Bill had seen it all before: the house was not a Counting House, it had no strongroom, no triple-locked cupboards, no secret passageways or hidden rooms; he had entered it first when the entire household, small as it was, had been co Church on Sunday – he had even glimpsed that Master Pepys, with his wife and household servants there too – making sure they were all settled, then hurrying back before the Service started; entering had been a piece of cake, probably quicker than Sir Edmundsbury would have been with the key, and he had started at the top rooms, the ones where the few servants slept – Jemima Dawes, the Housekeeper and the kitchen wench, and Barnaby Smith, the coachman and man-of-all-work – but there had been nothing there of any particular interest, except a strange little carved piece of wood in Mrs Dawes' chest drawer, smooth and well handled, in the shape and size of a male organ, he held it and compared it with his own, wondering if Mrs Dawes would welcome making the comparison also, she might consider his rather a magnality in after the lifelessness of the wooden one, although, he admitted to himself, his could not offer the hardness of the other, and he laughed then replaced it, not quite where he had found it, but inside a pair of her cotton drawers; nothing at all in the skivvy's room save a grubby print of Christ, one of those masstiges the illiterate faithful regard as almost more holy than the Bible they cannot read, the ink seemingly spotted with the girl's tears and a ha'penny tucked into a stocking for luck, nor in Smith's room, so he then tackled Sir Edmundsbury's quarters, where Elizabeth also slept and where the wardrobe held more women's than men's clothing; "so that's where his money goes, to keep her in the fancy she's now become accustomed to! yet he hasn't married her – probably something to do with the family inheritance, or the partnership with his brother, but even so, for such a diligent Protestant?" and a Key! which would not fit any of the locks he had seen about the house, and made for a chest rather than a padlock, "and not a chest at the Wharf, I wot!" and he cast his mind over the followings of the past week and a half, since his Master had set him this task: from the House to the Wharf, from the Wharf to the Coffee shop and back again, from the Wharf to the House; that was his principal daily activity; then on a Wednesday, straight from the Wharf, he went to Somerset House and dallied in the warren of passageways, courtyards and gardens with the doxies that Bill found rather fascinating: some obviously men in women's attire, complete with wigs and palette shoes to keep their feet out of the puddles, others, presumably very young men, and even boys, rather strikingly feminine, but almost certainly not a real woman among them; and after a few hours and a number of conversations and several indiscreet couplings, The Coalman made his way home; on Thursday, after an early dinner, he went to Primrose Hill on foot and there met doxies of a more conventional type and frolicked among the bushes and under trees for a couple of hours before returning to his residence; on Friday, after work he would call in at an Inn, The Swan Tavern, fairly near Somerset House, yet not quite under it's aegis, being a haunt of somewhat more expensive bawds and all-women at that, but he did not dally there for long, certainly not long enough for more than a glass of wine – he was not much of a drinker; and that thought made Bill think of the length of time Godfrey spent in the coffee shop in Swan's Court, longer than it would take for a cup of coffee with friends, so that seemed the more likely place for him to keep a strong-box – certainly worth a look; he found some candle-wax, softened it and took an impression of the key, an easy matter to have a copy cut and, anyway, there wasn't a lock in London which could keep him out; his Master would be pleased with the result! and so, quietly, he left the house as he had entered, even locking the door behind him, and made his way to a place where he would soon have a copy of the mysterious key, and then pay a visit to the coffee shop, on the strict QT!

(by MissTeriWoman)


When you market trashy masstige
Worth a ha'penny, nothing more
And depend upon the aegis
Of a worthless superstore
You are not a "hot magnality"
You're just a bogus bore.
(by OldRawgabbit)
The Quandary for Friday, April 13, 2018 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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