Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

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So that was why, when she felt a bit better, had been able to eat something without feeling sick, Gracie went round to Dr Jekyll's surgery, where she met Nurse Crimond who had examined her and pronounced her fit and well and also Virgo Intacta which she clearly was surprised at, given that she knew Gracie lived with Miss Siddons, whom she clearly knew was a whore: "div ye mind tellin me whaur ye wis born, Miss Lang, ah kin tell fi yer accent that it wisnae within the soond o Bow Bells!" and Gracie informed her that she came from Longformacus, in the foothills of the Lammermuir Hills, but that may have been a foolishness for her to disclose, for Nurse Crimond look closely at her, before saying: "whit a miracle! div ye no ken me an Henry, Doctor Jekyll, is fae Abbey St Bathans?" and the question startled Gracie, for the two places were less than 10 miles apart; the Nurse looked curiously at Gracie before saying: "Crimond wis the name o ma late husband, Doctor Matthias Crimond, he wis a Airmy Doctor bit he died in India an a cam bak here tae work wi Henry, he's ma younger brither, bit ah cannae mind ony faimly cried Lang, or Long as it's writ an ye pronoonce it, in Longformacus; bit a mind richt weel the tales aboot the twa sisters wha lived in the Too'er o Langformacus, ye'll ken them yerself, hen, Griselda an Evadne, Sister Evadne as she becam, supposed murdered in Embra be thon De'il Incarnate, Sir Parlane MacFarlane, wud ye be o the same faimly? there's a paintin o the pair, ane o thae storiations whit depicts thum gaunin intae the wuds and gettin loast an bein frichtened bit keepin each ither's spirits up whiles they kin hear the hoonds o MacFarlane seekin fur thum, the Lady Griselda o Langformacus an Sister Evadne Eglantyne, thon wis the faimly name an still is tae this day, Sir Gilbert Eglantyne is the present Laird an a guid prime cut he is tae, he's livin in the Too'er, ur ye a relative, cos unless ma een deceive me, yer the spit o Griselda, even Henry remarked oan it efter he'd bin up at Miss Siddons' bawdy, er, Hoose, tae examine ye," and Gracie felt numb, Sir Gilbert must be a descendant of her wee brother, known to all and sundry as Wee Gibby, to distinguish him from their father, Auld Gibby; her mind was in turmoil; what could she possibly say to this woman, with her persistent gaze and enquiring mind, and she was unable to stop herself from blurting out: "it's troo it is it's troo am ur Griselda o Langformacus me an Evadne wis oan the run fae Sir Parlane MacFarlane an we met up wi an auld Gentleman cried Tavish Dalwhinnie an sum ithers he said they'd cam fae the Future an lots aboot Continuums an Wurmhales an thur wis sumthin aboot his cloak an a wee laddie cried Little Levy an a Teddy Bear an ane nicht Ah crept intae his chamber an fund a wee hale in his cloak an a ripped it bigger and clambered thru an oh it wis like Ah wis spinnin aboot in the Universe wi stars an suns an moons an strange fowk in ither wurlds an then Ah cam doon wi a bump an fund masel in a closet wi wimmin's claes an whiles Ah got ma breeth bak an pushed the door open an fund Ah wis in Miss Siddons' chamber an try as a micht Ah'v never bin able to get thru the wardrobe an bak tae ma ain Time an Ah'm fair missin Evadne and Wee Gibby ma brither an . . . . . Ah'm sorry Nurse Crimond, really Ah'm urny ane o thae fowks whit gaes oan aboot meme, mememe, an gets their tales talkit aboot fae mooth tae mooth aw ower the toon till abdy in the wurld kens aw aboot thum, Ah'm richt ashamed o whae av become but Ah divnae ken whit else tae dae!" and Nurse Crimond sat down on her chair with a bump and her hands covering her face and a look of shock and bewilderment and confusion and Presbyterian determination all in her eyes at the same time as she tried to process this eventuation she had just heard and make something of it which could be explained by her Family Bible which was the Foundation of her Christian Faith and of her views and understanding of the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything!

(by MissTeriWoman)


 In creating a clever meme with storiation of cuts of meat to resemble movie stars, the prime cut being a host from The Apprentice, what eventuated was a Twitter ban and a global block from many of those portrayed.

(by OldRawgabbit)
The Quandary for Tuesday, May 01, 2018 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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