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And when Nurse Crimond took Gracie through to see Dr Jekyll, she had to tell her story again – though not quite so breathlessly – over a cup of tea the Doctor's sister gave her – they were both teetotal members of the Band of Hope; the Doctor asked questions, which Gracie did her best to answer as fully as she could, about Dalwhinnie and the others in the group, but she faltered slightly when it came to the Incident at Albany Palace and Tavish's bomb which blew the Duke of Albany and his cronies to smithereens! the Doctor and Nurse gasped and gaped at Gracie: "did no Sir Walter Scott wricht aboot thon Incident in Blackwood's Magazine?" asked Dr Jekyll, and as his sister left the Consulting Room to try to find the article, Dr Jekyll assured Gracie that whatever happened, she could rely on him and Nurse Crimond to keep her story: "ye'r safe noo, lassie, whether ye want tae bide here wi us, or return tae Miss Siddons, ah kin assure ye that me an Jessie will keep yer story tae wirsels, until ye feel safe tae relate it tae the Authorities, tho tae be honest, ah hae ma doots aboot sic a prospect; Lunnen is a strange place, the fowk are strange, their Religion is strange an their Science is a matter o dispute!" which was when the Nurse returned with a bound edition of Blackwood's and showed her brother the article he had remembered; he quickly scanned it: "oh, aye, Ah mind noo; it wis pit aboot that the Duke of Albany hud bin messin aboot wi gunpowder trying tae find a wey o controllin it fer the purpose o usin it in a coal mine an the eejit gied a demonstration indoors an blew up hissel an aboot a dozen o his freens, bit Sir Wattie postulates that it wis mair likely tae be an assassination, cos the Duke wisnae sae hauf-wittet as tae dae sic a daft thing; there wis stories aboot a rag-tag-an-bobtail pairty o traivellers, includin a Nun – that'd be yer seester, Seester Evadne Eglantyne, an they disappeared aboot the time of the explosion! – an Sir Wattie suggested that there wis a connection with some strange disappearances in the same year – Thomas Learmonth, wha we ken as Thomas the Rhymer disappeared near the Eildon Hills an the evil pair whae wis efter ye an yer sister, Sir Parlane MacFarlane an his brute o a Maunservant, Dominic Doubleday, wis baith murdered in Melrose Abbey an their bodies disappeared fae the Infirmary afore they could be transported tae Embra! an a maun cryin hissel Dalwhinnie hud bin askin fer alms jist afore that; and," the Doctor took a deep breath, "he writ here that he fund a kind o manuscript diary kept by the Priest o St Mary o Wedale in whit's noo Stow, in an auld vault he – Sir Wattie – wis excavation, an it records a motley crew includin a maun callin hissel Dalwhinnie, that lodged a couple o nichts on their wey tae Embra, jist aboot the same time, an when they left they wis accompanied by a Romanian lassie the Priest an his wife hud bin shelterin; it's like a Fairy Story, bit Sir Wattie insists it's aw true an is connected wi the legend o The Vampyre o Melrose, also set in the 13th Century; so Miss Long or Lang or Langformacus or Eglantyne, Ah fer ane believe ye!" and his sister, Nurse Jessie Crimond, dabbed at her eyes with a kerchief and nodded: "sae div Ah, Gracie, ye've bin hard dun bye, fer sic a wee lassie, life's treatit ye verra verra badly an me fer yin, an Henry here tae, wull staun by ye, come whit may!" and Dr Jekyll said: "ye'll no hae heard of John Donne, lassie, he wis a great wrichter, a poet an a religious philosopher, in the 17th Century, an he writ a famous piece thit begins: 'Nae Maun is a Island, entire o itsel; every maun is a piece o the continent. a pairt o the main; iffen a clod be washet awa by the sea, Europe is the less, as weel as iffen a promontory were, as weel; as if a manor o thy freend's or thine own were; ony Maun's deeth diminishes me, a'cause Ah'm involvet in Maunkind; an therefore ne'er send tae ken fer wha the bell tolls: it tolls fer thee!'" and he looked at Gracie: "that sums up ma feelin boot humanity, Lady Griselda, we may wheen feel wirsels tae be sealocked, adrift an na connectit tae ithers, but whiles we micht na see the bonds, they is still there, hidden fae wir een, bit still connectin us aw, an that's na only in the preesent, in the here an noo, but rinnin thru times Past, Preesent an Future tae, frae the verra furst maun wha stood up an lookit aroon him at whaur God in his Great Wisdom had placed him, awa intae the Future, tae the Great Revelation!" and Gracie wept tears of gratitude and amazement that she had been so lucky as to come into contact with such a fine pair as Henry and Jessie just when she most had need of them; and Dr Jekyll asked her if she understood the Palindrome within John Donne's name? she shook her head, not understanding, but the Doctor explained: "Donne Ennod, have you ever seen that before? and she stared at what he had written and realised that it was familiar, she had seen it somewhere before, on a stone, no, carved into a stone, but where she could not recall, so she asked him what it meant, and it was Jessie who explained: "Donne Ennod means 'Done Enough' in the Old Scots tongue, an it was discovered cairved upon a stane that hud aince been pairt o the same Albany Palace as wis destroyed, as ye've telt us, by the explosion wrought by yer freen Tavish Dalwhinnie, but the stane was blackened by fire an Sir Wattie believed that it hud bin pairt o a dungeon destroyed in the explosion an subsequent fire, an that it hud bin cairved by a preesner in yon deep derk dungeon, an Scott alsae fund a manuscript o John Donne's that he kept at Abbotsford, that relates a so-cried dream in which Donne fund hissel in the past, in the thirteenth century, a preesner in a Scottish Castle – or Palace – an chained though he wis, in the dream, he managed tae cairve Donne Ennod, as a way of recordin that his life, should it end there, wud nevertheless be complete an he wud hae nae regrets fer the past nor nae fear fer the future, for he hud, by the licht o his Faith, hae Done Enough!" and Jessie stroked Grace's hair and smiled at her: "nae mair worries, ma wee pet, och yer like a tremblin wee neossoptile, a wee chick, still wi the downy feathers, an as Henry's awreddy said white'er ye choose, stey here or gaun back tae yer freen, please dae ken that we will be true freens tae, an ye kin coont oan us!"

(by MissTeriWoman)
The Quandary for Wednesday, May 02, 2018 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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