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Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


 And that was when he had the brainwave: he crept up the stairs to the door of the room above that in which Himmler enjoyed Elisabeth and using a stethoscope he always carried, listened carefully – absolute silence, apart from the muted ticking of a clock; he peeped through the keyhole, the curtains were drawn and the room was in shadow; nothing moved, nothing stirred; using his lock-picks he carefully opened the door and silently entered, then turned to shut the door softly, and then the lights went on and he froze: "who are you?" the voice was steely, cold, antiseptic; Hans shivered although the room was warm: "Hans Steckrübe," his voice shivered; "what do you do, Hans Steckrübe?" there was an arrogance in the tone; "I work for the Gestapo," it sounded like an apology; "are you an Investigator, Hans Steckrübe?" there was a playfulness this time, as though it was laughing at him, mocking; "no, I am a warehouseman and cleaner," there it was, the admission, the scales were tipped against him, the person behind him held all the cards and he, Hans Steckrübe, was empty-handed; without being ordered to do so he raised his hands on either side of his head in an admission of defeat, failure, surrender; "turn round slowly, Hans Steckrübe," and he did so and found himself staring into the barrel of a very lethal-looking pistol which seemed to be aimed directly between his eyes and he began to feel that he was going cross-eyed, so with a great effort of will raised his head so that he could see, for the first time, the man who was holding the gun; he gave an involuntary start; "you know who I am, Hans Steckrübe?" but the question sounded more like a statement; "no sir, nosir, no!" and the man's mouth formed a thin and cold smile which did not reach his narrow, cold eyes: "oh, Hans Steckrübe, think of me as a schoolmaster, or examiner, when I ask you a question it isn't because I don't know the answer, it is to check that you are telling me the truth, so - you do know who I am, Hans Steckrübe?" and this time the man nodded, and so did Hans, although he desperately wished that he could have shaken his head to answer "no"; "good, now we are getting somewhere, Hans Steckrübe; how do you know who I am?" and Hans wished that he could put his hands in front of his face, but was afraid to take his eyes from the face of his examiner: "posters, in Gestapo HQ, they are all looking for you, but I don't know why, it doesn't say, and I'm just a cleaner," the man nodded again, then said: "a warehouseman, a stock-keeper, who can pick locks, are you also a thief, Hans Steckrübe?" and this time Hans shook his head, cautiously, he thought that he was beginning to understand how this game was played; "so you have permission to take a Gestapo van and park it outside this Hotel, do you, Hans Steckrübe?" and Hans began to feel that his understanding was skewed, how could the man possibly know about the van, then realised that it could be seen from the window and his stake-outs, as he thought of them, were now being conducted in broad daylight, a mistake! "no, sir, no, I am testing equipment," and he realised that he had said far, far too much; "what kind of equipment are you testing, Hans Steckrübe? cleaning products? or rat poison?" and Hans stammered: "s-s-surveillance equipment, sir," and the man nodded: "please continue, Hans Steckrübe, and tell me what kind of equipment and how are you testing it?" and Hans, keeping his hands up, said: "listening devices which transmit to the van where I record it on tape, sir," and waited; "and the Gestapo have authorised this use of official Gestapo surveillance equipment and a Gestapo van, by a layman, have they, Hans Steckrübe?" and he was confused: "yessir, I mean no sir, it is my own invention, sir," and the man lowered the pistol, so Hans slowly lowered his hands: "so you wanted to plant one of your devices in here to listen to me, is that right, Hans Steckrübe?" and when Hans realised where the pistol was now pointing, he crossed his hands in front of his groin and decided to tell the truth, or some of it: "no. sir, I was going to make a hole in the floor, under the bed and just above the ceiling rose downstairs and place a camera there, which I can operate remotely from my van, the Gestapo van, I mean, sir," and the man smiled, "good, Hans Steckrübe, I am pleased that you are learning how to co-operate; you are spying on Reichsfuhrer Himmler, then, and his dalliances with the pretty girl, correct Hans Steckrübe?" and Hans hung his head - this man knew everything, perhaps even guessed at the familial connection, such as it was, between him and Elisabeth: "yes, sir," and the man asked him where the camera was, and Hans started to reach for his pocket, but the gun swung up, once again pointing at his face: "don't be stupid, Hans Steckrübe, and assume that I am stupid - you may have a gun in your pocket and think to shoot me, so Deiter, search him," and for the first time Hans realised that a second man - the second man whose photograph was displaed in HQ - was behind him, though where he had been Hans had no idea, and suddenly two hands patted down his arms, his torso and then the outside of his legs to his ankles, and up the insides, one hand giving his genitals a hard squeeze, where his leptodermous was especially sensitive and which made Hans yelp; a hand was thrust into his jacket pocket and the camera fished out and tossed towards the man with the gun, who caught it effortlessly with his left hand; he examined the camera: "now this is a little beauty, Hans Steckrübe, you are a very useful man, and your plethora of talents are wasted in the storeroom, but what is your interest in Himmler, I wonder? just a little perversion, is it? dirty pictures you can pass around your little circle of paedophiles? or something the two Americans have put you up to? speak, Hans Steckrübe, or I will put a bullet into that turnip you have at the top of your neck!" which was when Hans fainted.

(by MissTeriWoman)


There's a plethora of clues
To familial disquietude;
One is leptodermous kin
With notorious thin skin
Although a layman would add
It's always your Dad.
(by OldRawgabbit)
The Quandary for Tuesday, May 15, 2018 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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