Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Attempts to resolve the Quandary:


The hypnotic regression had lasted half and hour according to the Grandfather Clock in Dr Freud's consulting room, but when he came out of it, blinking myopically and shaking his head as if to get water out of his ears after a swim, the young artist and now Artistic Director of Vienna's innovative and experimental Cabaret Voltaire, had experienced the passage of a whole fortnight and it was only when the Doctor called his daughter from the office next door and asked her to pop out for a copy of the morning paper, which bore the same date as when he had entered the building, that Dada – as he was known to his friends – accepted what he had been assured was the truth: "you are a remarkable subject, young man," said Freud, your artist's eyes has enabled you to absorb much more than the average person who seeks my help; you remind me of a young architect, I can't tell you his name, but he told me that instead of regression, he experienced progression and spoke of founding an Art School in Germany, which he named Bauhaus, and just like yourself, his report of his experience was highly visual and illustrative, and full of extraordinary detail – he was, I surmise, using his mind's ability to use foresight, and give ideas that have been developing, concrete form; in your case Dada, you were influenced by hindsight, and using your subconscious grief to affect your feelings towards your mother and sister; while you have told me that you lost your mother to cancer, and the loss of a loved-one in such circumstances has a lifelong effect, but the loss you described to me of your sister who also lives in Vienna but you have not seen for some years, has doubled your grief, and from the strength of feelings for her that you have just revealed, suggests to me that the sooner you can rediscover her, the quicker you both may come to terms with your shared loss; unresolved grief can in itself be carcinogenic – not to physicians, I must add, for it is a cancer of the mind, and our emotions, which can be just as crippling and painful and, I believe, deadly as cancer of the body; now you painted a picture in words and gestures of your mother as a muliebrity, but not in a picture book sense, her womanliness as you render it in words, is not an idealised women, but a very real and loving woman who has suffered in her life, yet still has the ability to demonstrate her love for her children and her skill for jugaad – to use limited resources in an innovative way, which in many households is exactly what mothers must do to keep their children fed, clothed, shod, sheltered, safe and warm in her embrace; I compliment you Dada, for your excellent choice of your mother, and I venture, your sister!" and Dada laughed, the relaxation he had felt during the two weeks he had lived under his mother's roof with Paula, and the revelations of Dr Freud's interpretation had confirmed his own feelings and decided him that the next thing he would do was to find Paula! he thanked the Doctor and offered to pay but Freud refused: "you are a struggling artist – I know what it is to struggle – but if you would give me an hour or so of your talent, and paint a portrait of my daughter, I would call it quits, what do you say?" and the young man clasped the Doctor's hand and pumped his arm until Freud had to ask him to stop, and having made an appointment with Miss Freud for an hour in the afternoon in two days time, when the Doctor took his rest break, Dada ran down the stairs and through the streets to meet Magda in the Central Café and tell her all about it – since meeting Jakob and joining the Cabaret Voltaire group, his life had changed out of all recognition and for the first time in his life his spirits rose and rose until he felt as if he was flying through the city like a dove!

(by MissTeriWoman)


Did you hear? That Bauhaus architecture,
When jugaad was the order of the day,
Has been declared carcinogenic
By those who can't accept modernity.
But mine was willed by matrilineality -
My aunt's attempt at last-ditch muliebrity
(by OldRawgabbit)
The Quandary for Friday, May 18, 2018 consisted of: Challenge: use all four words together in one illustrative sentence.

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